USD Softball 2006

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THE SETTING The University of San Diego is an independent Catholic institution of higher education. Founded in 1949, USD is located on 180 acres overlooking Mission Bay, San Diego Harbor and the Pacific Ocean. The campus is named Alcala Park and is located just 10 minutes from downtown San Diego and the world famous San Diego Zoo. Historic Old Town is just minutes away as well. The city of San Diego, along with the USD campus, trace their origins to fifteenth century Spain. The campus was named after a Spanish village near Madrid - Alcala de Henares. Founded by the Greeks as Complutum, the village was later renamed Al Kala (the Castle) by the Moslems. Christians recaptured the village centuries later and founded a university, the University of Alcala, whose buildings became the inspiration for USD's style. Both institutions are located on a hill overlooking a river valley. THE CAMPUS THE USD CAMP US IS REGAIDED AS ONE OF 1HE MOST AIUITIECWRAIIY UNIQUE INS111U110NS IN'IHE CDUNIRY FEAlURlNG 34 MAJORBUIIDINGS DESIGNED IN ANORNAMEN'Il\LlfrII-ICENIUR\' SPANISH RENAISSANCE S'IYIE. SINCE 1999, USD HAS ADDED OVER 600,000 SQUARE FEET OF BUIIDING SP ACE 'IHIOUGHNUMEIUUS MAJORCDNSTRIJCIIONAND EXPANSION PIDJECIS. IN 2000 1HE JENNY CRAIG PAVIIION, A5,200-SEATA'.IHIETICCENIE~ OPENED TIS DOOR> AS HOME 'ID USD VOIIEYBAILAND BASKE'IBAIL IN 1HE FAILOF 2001, 1HE JOAN B. Kroc INS'IITU'IE IORPEACE AND JUSTICE OPENED ON'IHE WESTEND OF CAMPUS, AND ANEW SaENCE AND TECHNOIOGY CENIER RECENIIY OPENED IOR 1HE 2003-04 ACADEMIC YEAR MANOIES'IERVIIIAGE, A101-UNITAP ARI'– MENT CDMPIEX, OPENED TIS DOOR> ON 1HE EAST END OF CAMPUS IN 2002. MOSTRECENIIY, 1HE DEGHERl AIIJMNI CENIE~ A 28,000 SQUARE-IOOT'IHREE-S'IDR\' BUIIDING IOCA'.IED NEAR CAM pus' 1HE MAIN ENIRANCE, HAD TIS GRAND OPENING IN MAY 2004.


USD enrolls more than 7,400 students who have a choice of more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The university's academic units include the College ofArts and Sciences, and the Schools of Business Administration, Education, Law, Nursing and Peace Studies. Class size generally averages between 15-25 students with the student to teacher ratio being 18:1. Over 97 percent of USD's full-time faculty hold doctorates. In the annual ratings of the country's colleges and universities, published by U.S. News & World Report, USD moved from the regional to national category in 1994. The university consistantly ranks among the top schools in the United States. STUDENT LIFE Student activities include cultural events, dances, boat cruises, beach par– ties, BBQ's, concerts, comedy nights, symposia and much more. Students participate in a wide range of volunteer projects such as adult literacy tutoring, senior citizen outreach, and house building in Tijuana. The in– tramural program is also an integral part of student life on campus with over two-thirds of the USD community partaking in intramural sports.

ATHLETICS The University of San Diego is a member of the West Coast Conference for

nearly all sports and competes in 16 intercollegiate sports on the NCAADivision I level. The football team just completed its 13th season in the Pioneer Football League. Women's sports include basketball, cross country, rowing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis and volleyball. Men's sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, football, rowing, soccer and tennis. Since 1990, USD teams have made 45 NCAA post-season appearances; garnered 50 All-America selections; had 37 Conference Coaches of the Year; 30 Conference Players of the Year; 15 Conference Freshman of the Year; won 15 conference championships; and 4 WCC Scholar-Athletes of the Year.

2006 University ofSan Diego Torem Softball

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