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Leroy Merritt: An

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Three-Wheeled Racer Wins In Dundalk Soapbox Derby Leroy M. Merritt, Jr. Takes Prize In War Stamps By Besting Four Wheeled Rivals

Three wheels are better than four, when it comes to soapbox racing --- or so it appears yesterday afternoon in Dundalk when 11-year- old Leroy M. Merritt, Jr., driving a three-wheeled blue racer, came from behind to coast past the finish line a winner by several lengths in the Second Annual Dundalk Soapbox Derby. Five hundred children mobbed the finish line to congratulate Leroy, who won $5 in war stamps in the preliminaries, and $10 in stamps as grand winner. Leroy also won a kiss from a girl --- to his immense embarrassment, in view of the excited audience watching him. The fact that the girl was his sister, Romaine, made it a little easier to bear. Melvin Dahl is Second Melvin Dahl, 8, and Theodore Betz, 13, finished second and third, respectively, in the derby, sponsored by the Kimball Mountain Pleasure Club of Dundalk. A slight sprinkle fell during the run-off, but the track, a sloping street sheltered by arching trees, was dry. The races were held on Admiral boulevard between Midship and Shipway avenues. Since a soapbox automobile has no motive power, each driver was given a running push by a pal. Winner Leroy, who lives at 2456 Keyway avenue, had the doubtful advantage of being on the inside of the curving course. The street is smoother in the center. As his competitors started ahead of him, he

veered to the center while they made for the inside, and for a second or two a collision seemed possible. Jockeys For Position Leroy, however, swung back to the curbstone and hugged it for the duration of the race. His top speed may have been eight m.p.h. Besides those named above, others entered in the derby were Willis Manning, 11, 6728 Bessemer avenue; Calvin Bayne, 13, 6934 Sollers Point road; Robert Betz, 11, 1813 Portship road; Harvey Hall, 10, 6573 St. Helena avenue; Harvey Young, 13, 1762 Brookfield avenue; Allan Chiveral, 12, 7005 Sollers Point road, and Gene Cross, 12, 6906 Ridgeway road. Most original loser’s excuse was offered by a young contender who said: “The hill wasn’t steep enough. A better hill and they’d never be able to match my speed.” Wins Prize For Paper Miss Ercell Erskine Leipholz, 2819 White avenue, Hamilton, a June graduate of the Eastern High School, has received notification from Dr. Thomas G. Pullen, State Superintendent of Schools, that a paper she entered in the Inter- American Student Forum has earned first honors for Maryland. She received a check for $50 and a certificate of award. The competition, a national one to foster friendly relations with other American nations, was sponsored by the Pan-American Union. Eastern High Graduate

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