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EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION Effect Size 0.59 Implementation Tools & Resources

Explicit instruction is a systematic method of teaching in small chunks, checking for student understanding, and achieving active and successful participation by all students. Student Feedback/Checks for Understanding

Critical Actions for Educators

*Give clear,

straightforward, and unequivocal directions. *Explain, demonstrate and model. Introduce skills in a specific and logical order. Supporting sequence of instruction in lesson plans. *Break skills down into manageable steps. Review frequently. *Demonstrate the skills for students and then give the opportunity to practice skills independently. * I do, We Do, Y’all Do,

I Do Teacher Modeling

We Do Guided Practice

Y’all Do Group Practice

You Do Individual Practice

Explicit Instruction is generally characterized with the following components: I Do, We Do, Y’all Do, and You Do. This model allows for instructional agility as teachers use student feedback to determine how to progress through instruction. For instance, if students are in the “We Do” phase, and the teacher has determined through checks for understanding that students are not understanding, the teacher moves back to the “I Do” phase to provide more modeling and examples.

Teacher Responsibility

Student Responsibility

Demonstrate & describe Use Think-Alouds Involve students Provide frequent feedback

Listen attentively Respond to OTRs Take notes (Cornell Notes) Ask questions

I Do (Teacher Modeling)

Heavily scaffold with prompts • Tell them what to do. • Ask them what to do. • Remind them what to do. Continual checks for understanding Provide feedback Reteach when necessary Set up small/groups and partners intentionally Continual checks for understanding Use precision partnering Provide feedback Reteach when necessary

Group practice with teacher feedback Ask questions for clarity Respond to OTRs

We Do (Guided Practice)

Practice skill(s) in small groups/partners Partner practice with teacher and peer feedback Ask questions for clarity Respond to OTRs

Y’all Do (Group Practice)

Monitor individual practice Provide feedback Reteach when necessary

Show mastery of skill Ask questions for clarity Respond to feedback

You Do (Individual Practice)

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