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GROUP CONTINGENCY Effect Size 1.02 Implementation Tools & Resources

A group response contingency reinforces an entire group when particular members meet the arranged condition or contingency. The contingency can be evaluated on the performance of a specific individual, the average of two or three random students’ performances, or the average of the highest and lowest students’ performance. Group Contingency Implementation Steps

Critical Actions for Educators *Select a contingency. *Set a criterion. *Choose the positive consequence. *A group contingency is an extra privilege or reward. *Give feedback.

• Individual - A group of students receives a reward when a few randomly selective students perform the desired behavior. Example - Entire class receives 3 extra minutes at recess for three randomly selected students turning in their homework. • Collective - The reward is contingent upon an entire class (or group) performing a desired behavior. Example - When all students are in their seats working individually on an assignment, music is played. If a student leaves their seat, the music is paused until all students are back in their seats. • Identify an observable and measurable behavior. • Check student capability of the behavior, and make sure it is a behavior that has been explicitly taught. • Collect baseline data. • Decide on the reward that will be earned by the group. It should always be positive reward or privilege. Students should not be punished if they do not receive the reward. • The positive consequence should be easily dispensed, inexpensive, and not require a lot of time. • Students should have some input on what rewards they would be interested in earning. • Monitoring positive progress visually can be extremely motivating to students. • Visual feedback might include positive marks on the board, marbles in a jar, coloring in a section of blocks on a tower each time a group meets the criteria, etc.

Select a Contingency

Select a Criteria

Choose Consequences

“Chews” Wisely Chart

Track Positive Progress

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