MS Spanish Map

students learn how to monitor their own understanding of the core standards and objectives for learning. 13. Depth of Knowledge or DOK Levels DOK levels assist teachers in creating rigorous and meaningful learning tasks in order to ensure that students have opportunities to engage in higher order thinking. 14. Scaffolding and Grouping Structures assist teachers in planning for the supports necessary to ensure that all students meet the established learning objective. Teachers scaffold their instruction based on their periodic checks for student understanding in the classroom using one or more of the Common High Yielding scaffolds. Various grouping structures (whole group, small group, partners) provide one way that needed scaffolds can occur, as appropriate, for all students to be able to master the learning task. 15. Notes (Optional) 16. Lesson Closure includes planning for how to connect students back to the learning objective, how students will self-reflect on their learning, and how the teacher will assess for mastery. • How will my students connect back to the objectives? (e.g. re-visit the objective trackers, rubrics) • How will my students reflect on their learning? (e.g. exit tickets, student self- assessment) • How will I assess student learning at the end of the unit or lesson? (e.g. performance task, quiz, trackers. writing, test) In Reflecting, the CSD Lesson Planning Guide provides prompts for teachers to address the following: 1. Teacher Clarity and Objectives: • Was the instructional objective met? (How did my students show me what they learned? 2. Engagement: • Were my students as engaged as I would have liked them to be? (What different strategies might I try next time?) 3. Instructional Adjustments: • Did I alter my instructional plan as I taught the lesson? (What modifications might make this lesson more effective in the future? 4. Connections: • How will I help my students connect this new learning to future learning in the class?(e.g. review, preview) Part 3: Reflecting (Section #1-4)

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