Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

Marat Baskin

“But not to me,” I said irritably, and noticing the confusion in Peggy’s eyes, I added quietly: “Perhaps you’re right! Sooner or later it’ll be found! - And in order to completely reassure Peggy, I added: “How is our patient?” “She’s okay. She has regained consciousness. Her mother arrived. Came here straight from the airport. She is now n the waiting room. Max talked to her. But she wants to see you. Will you talk to her?” “Yes,” I said and went to the waiting area. It was already nine in the morning and there were quite a few people already. I recognized Olya’s mother immediately as she looked very much like her daughter. Broad-faced, with round eyes, a bit like a teddy bear. And her first question was: “How’s Olya?” As though she didn’t have a talk with Max just now. “She’sdoingwell,” I said,andrememberinggrandmother’s saying, added “Pakul zhanitstsa, use zagaitsa!” The woman looked at me with surprise, “ Are you Belarusian?” “I am a Jew. But I can speak both Russian and Belarusian. However, I can write only in English.” “I studied English at school, but I can neither write, read nor speak it. Thank God that someone met me at the airport and brought me here. Many thanks!” The woman leaned over the bag at her feet and pulled out


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