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Board 6 Motivational Interviewing to Improve

Outcomes for Diabetes—


Woodward, MSN RN

Board 7 Engaging men for a sexual violence-

free nation: A cross-sectional study

of U.S.-based organizations—


Cervantes, MD, MPH candidate

Board 8 Differences in perceived barriers to

healthy eating and physical activity in

urban women of color and rural white


Angie Fishler

Board 9 Developing Human Trafficking

Education for Healthcare Providers:

An Interdisciplinary Student Research

Assistant Experience—

Preeti Panda

Board 10 Interventions to reduce domestic

violence witnessed by children: A

systematic review—

Joyce Sartin, MSW

Organized by: APHA-Student Assembly

Endorsed by: American Indian, Alaska Native and Native

Hawaiian Caucus, APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights,



CCC, Halls A/F

Behavioral Science/ Health Education Poster

Session #1

Board 1 Quantifying Mental Health Stigma

Among College Students: Trends by


Kelsey Besse, MPH

Board 2 Caregiver- and school-based

interventions to prevent childhood

and adolescent ultraviolet exposure: A

systematic review—

Jessica Yaser

Board 3 Barriers to colorectal cancer screening

in a low income, high minority


Elizabeth Nagelhout, MPH

Board 4 Publication bias and dissemination

of health education and behavior


Leigh Szucs, MEd, CHES

Board 5 Development of a Culturally Tailored

Smokeless Tobacco Cessation


Stephen Valliere

Board 6 Combining the health belief model with

artificial neural networks to determine

predictors for water consumption

behavior towards childhood obesity

prevention – An artificial intelligence

approach at predictive modeling in

health education—

Nataraja Sarma

Vaitinadin, MBBS, MPH

Board 7 Native American Weight Loss

Movement Evaluation—

Kelly Berryhill

Board 8 User-Preferred Topics and Methods of

Anticipatory Counseling for the LNG-

IUS: A Focus Group Approach—



Board 9 Continuum of a declining trend in

Correct Self-Perception of Body Weight

among American Adults—


Antoine-Hardy, MPH, MBA, DrPH (c)

Board 10 A public health practicum to increase

administration of the Human Papilloma

Virus vaccine throughout Michigan—

Rachel Gough, BS

Organized by: APHA-Student Assembly

Endorsed by: American Indian, Alaska Native and Native

Hawaiian Caucus, APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights


CCC, Halls A/F

Behavioral Science/ Health Education Poster

Session #2

Board 1 Using PRECEDE-PROCEED model

to design and evaluate a suicide

prevention and depression awareness

intervention among African American

college students—

Ledetra Bridges,


Board 2 Prenatal Substance Use and Neonatal

Abstinence Syndrome in the New

River Valley of Virginia: Developing

Community Partnerships to Support a

Continuum of Care—

Laura Nelson, MS,


Board 3 Utilization of social media platforms

by secondary school students:

Understanding adolescent perceptions

of safety, security, and privacy—


Castaline, MPH, ATC

Board 4 Impact of Paternal Support on Maternal

Stress among Pregnant Women—

Georgiana Logan, AS,BS,MS

Board 5 Perceptions and Experiences of Salud

Family Health Center Clients: A

Preliminary Qualitative Evaluation—

Stephanie A. Goris, BSN, MPHc

Board 6 Mindfulness and Binge-Eating Relate

to Adiposity in At-Risk Adolescents—

Jillian Foss, MPH(c)

Board 7 Mental Health Needs Assessment

among American Indian Community—

Crisandra Wilkie

Board 8 Incidence of depression in HIV+

individuals on HAART: A meta-


Danny Valdez

Board 9 A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of a School

Nutrition Education Program Training—

Jenna Fahle, BBA, BS

Board 10 Social support as a coping mechanism

for African-American students at

predominantly white institutions—

Dashauna Ballard, MPH, BS

Organized by: APHA-Student Assembly

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights


CCC, Halls A/F

Behavioral Science/ Health Education Poster

Session #3

Board 1 A Convergent Parallel Analysis of

Provider Knowledge and Barriers

of Truvada as an HIV Pre-Exposure

Prophylaxis in Salt Lake County, Utah—

Dede Vilven

Board 2 Predictors of photoprotective and

risk behaviors among individuals

undergoing skin cancer screening in

a high-risk catchment area—


Grahmann, BS

Board 3 Factors related to sustaining health

enhancing physical activity in urban

African-American women—


Ketterer, BS/BA

Board 4 Immunization Rates for Under and

Unvaccinated Populations in Lubbock,


Corinthiann Hawes

Board 5 Correlates of medical students’

knowledge of the human papillomavirus

(HPV), HPV vaccine, and association

between HPV-associated head and neck

cancer (HNC)—

Eric Adjei Boakye

Board 6 Student-driven community

engagement: Increasing awareness and

knowledge of health disparities through

service-learning opportunities among

racial/ethnic minorities living in public


Jameisha B. Brown, M.S.,


Board 7 Identifying Novel Approaches to Reduce

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake

Among Adolescents—

Monique Gill, MPH

Board 8 A Content Analysis of User-Generated

Men’s Health Weight Management

Videos on YouTube—

Cedric Harville,


Board 9 Mapping the Psychosocial Variables

that Predict Cervical Cancer Screening


Rachel Mahas, PhD, MS,MPH

Board 10 Does eating together promote health

in women? The frequency of family

meals among rural Utah families and

the association between daily family

meals and women’s health—


Najmababdi, MS, MPH, PhD student

Organized by: APHA-Student Assembly

Endorsed by: APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights


CCC, Halls A/F

Addressing Cancer Disparities from

Prevention to Survivorship, II

Board 1 Mammography Adherence and Early

Stage Breast Cancer Diagnosis in

African American Women—

Shana Ntiri,


Board 2 Beauty Products: Do Black Women

Perceive A Risk for Breast Cancer?—

Clara Omogbai, MLS, MPH,


Board 3 Culturally Sensitive Patient Navigator

Model Promoting Survivorship Services

among Latino Cancer Survivors:

National Randomized Control Trial


Amelie G. Ramirez, DrPH

Board 4 Do Cancer Survivors Develop Healthier

Lifestyle Behaviors than the Cancer-

Free Population in the PLCO Study?—

Makenzie Hawkins, MSPH

Board 5 Availability of Evidence-based Cancer

Prevention and Control Interventions

and Policies: A Critical Review—


Mullen, DrPH

Board 6 Barriers and Enablers for Receiving

Colorectal Cancer Screening in

Accountable Care Organization:

Perspectives By Rural Health


Sarbinaz Bekmuratova,


Board 7 Relationship Between Perceived

Health Status and Stages of Change

for Mammography Utilization Among

African American Women—

Rolanda M.

Watkins, MPH, CHES, DrPH

Board 8 Patient navigation ensures diagnostic

follow-up among patients with an

abnormal pap test—

Jane Montealegre,


Board 9 Effect Modifiers in a Multimethod

Colorectal Cancer Screening Navigation


Yazmin San Miguel, MPH

Board 10 Factors associated with late stage

colorectal cancer incidence rate in

Florida: An analysis of the 2012 Florida

Cancer Data System—

Korede Adegoke,


Organized by: Cancer Forum