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Board 1 A comparative analysis of pregnancy

outcomes for women with and without


Ari Mwachofi, PhD

Board 10 Understanding health-related quality

of life among persons with paralysis:

Application of the Andersen Behavioral


Alicia Dixon-Ibarra, PhD, MPH

Board 6 How the Question Sets Matter:

Comparing Estimates of Prevalence

and Disparities Using Federal and

International Disability Question Sets

in National Surveillance—

Eric A. Lauer,


Board 5 Disparities in Cancer Screening Rates

by Disability Status—

Kara Magane, MS

Board 8 Is there Geographic Variation in

Reported Disability in the US? An

Exploration of a “Disability Belt”—

Amanda Botticello, PhD, MPH

Board 4 BRFSS Changes to the Disability

Measurement: A comparison of “old”

& “new” screening questions—


Fredine, MPH

Board 9 Preventable Hospitalizations as a

Measure of Health Care Quality for

Transition-Age Young Adult Medicare

Beneficiaries with Autism Spectrum


Henry Carretta, PhD MPH

Board 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder reporting in

lower socioeconomic neighborhoods—

Aisha Dickerson, PhD

Organized by: Disability


CCC, Halls A/F

Emerging Issues in Disability and Public

Health 6

Board 1 Differences in Discrimination when

Accessing Social Services Among Trans

People with Disabilities—

Shanna K.



., PhD Candidate

Board 2 Effects of a Peer Walking Program on

Taiwanese High School Students with

Intellectual Disabilities—


Pan, PhD candidate

Board 3 Framing the Front Door: Creating,

Testing, and Implementing the STAR-

Kids Screening and Assessment

Instrument for Texas Medicaid Managed


Darcy McMaughan, PhD

Board 4 Development of an Evidence-Based

Updated Advocacy Letter Training


E Zhang,


. M.A.

Board 5 Evaluating the accessibility of

emergency shelters in a rural state:

Applications of the Accessibility

Ambassador project to the Shelter 2020

statewide shelter identification and

improvement project—

Meg Traci, PhD

Board 6 Supports Coordination for Justice

Involved Individuals with Intellectual


Stephen Davis, MHS

Board 7 Serving the underserved: A systems-

based conceptual model for maximizing

physical and psychosocial functioning

among refugees with disabilities living

in the United States—

Shuen-En Ho, BA

Board 8 Quality of life and civil rights: The

relationship between quality of life

indices and knowledge of the ADA for

individuals with Multiple Sclerosis—

Mary Ann Devine, PhD, CTRS

Board 9 Adequacy of Insurance Coverage and

Impact on Employment Among Families

Caring for a Child with Cerebral Palsy—

Gavin Colquitt, Ed.D., CAPE, CSCS

Organized by: Disability

Endorsed by: LGBT Caucus of Public Health



CCC, Halls A/F

Emerging Issues in Disability and Public

Health 7

Board 1 Learning to Listen: Experiences and

Deaf culture competency of Osteopathic

Medical and Pharmacy Students—

Chandra Char, MPH

Board 2 Wheelchair Rugby Participation As a

Route to Mr. Independent—


Silveira, B. S.

Board 3 Unpacking the construct of community

participation for individuals with

psychiatric disabilities from key

stakeholders’ perspectives—


Russinova, Ph.D.

Board 4 Using Semantic Textual Similarity

(STS) to Improve Back Translation and

Validation of Instruments in American

Sign Language (ASL)—

Jared Embree,


Board 5 Development and Validation of a Social

Cognitive Theory-Based Instrument to

Predict Physical Activity among People

with Spinal Cord Injury—

Jereme Wilroy,


Board 6 Medical Allocations to Persons with

Disability during a Bioterrorism Event—

Donald Brannen, PhD

Board 7 Impact of the Affordable Care Act

on access to mental health care

services for adolescents and adults

with functional impairments with

and without severe mental illness—

Margaret Holland, MSW

Board 8 A systematic review of contraception

use and interventions to improve

contraception decision-making among

women with disabilities—

Willi Horner-

Johnson, PhD

Board 9 Evidence in medical records of receipt

of contraceptive services by women

with and without disabilities—


Horner-Johnson, PhD

Board 10 Virtual Grand Rounds in Intellectual/

Developmental Disability: An

Interprofessional Case Study

Forum of the American Academy of

Developmental Medicine and Dentistry—

Lyubov Slashcheva, DDS

Organized by: Disability


CCC, Halls A/F

Considerations in Public Health Ethics 2

Board 1 Adaptation and validation of

voluntariness to consent for research

tool in Bengali Language—



Board 2 ‘I Was Frustrated That We Did Not

Do More to Help This Individual’:

A Qualitative Analysis of Stressful

Incidents Reported by Frontline Mental

Health Research Workers—

Celia Fisher,


Board 3 Implicit Bias and the Mental Health

Professional: Implications for Diagnosis

and Treatment—

Yesenia Merino, MPH

Board 4 Under the Earth Lodge: Extraction of

the MHA Nation—

Jacqline Wolf Tice, MA,


Board 5 Public Health Principlism—


the Group Over the Individual—Craig

Klugman, PhD

Board 6 A Right to Food: Can it be Justified?—

Catherine Campbell, PhD in Philosophy

with a specialization in Ethics and

Political Theory

Board 7 An ethical case for the research and

development of bioweapons—


Kunerth, MS, PSM

Board 8 Monitoring Implementation of a

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Policy to Support Best Practices in

Informed Consent for Chronic Opioid


Jennifer Cohen, PhD MPH

Board 9 Puddles on the Floor: Evidence and

Ethics in the Diaper-free Hospital—

Jeananne Elkins, PhD DPT MPH

Board 10 Focusing on Social Justice to Teach

Ethics in Health Policy Courses—

Victoria Baker, PhD, CPH, CNM

Organized by: Ethics

Endorsed by: American Indian, Alaska Native and Native

Hawaiian Caucus, Vietnam Caucus


CCC, Halls A/F

Family Violence Prevention Caucus Poster

Session 2

Board 1 Mindfulness-based intervention

for child welfare-involved families:

Effectiveness of a randomized

controlled trial—

Samantha Brown, PhD


Board 2 Linking Animal Cruelty and Child

Maltreatment: Exploring Stakeholder

Perspectives of Cross-Reporting

Legislation across Four States—



Board 3 Role of Accountability in Batterers

Intervention Programs and Community

Response to Intimate Partner Violence—

Chelsea Pallatino, MPH

Board 4 Intersection of Domestic Violence

and Human Trafficking in the Latin@

Community: A Case Study of Cultural

Specific Organizations—


Hernandez-Martinez, Master in Public

Affairs -MPA

Board 5 Design and validation of a questionnaire

to assess Puerto Rican health

professionals’ knowledge, attitudes

and practices related to gender-based


Brenda Soto-Torres, Ph.D.,


Board 6 Assessing the relationships between

neighborhood cohesion, substance use,

and perceived safety among school-

age children in Hillsborough County—

Abraham Salinas, MD, MPH, PhD

Board 7 Perceptions of Domestic Violence

among Indigenous Populations in


Oluyemisi Falope, MBBS, MPH

Board 8 A Systematic Review of Existing

Services for Domestic Violence


Ritika Bhawal, PhD MPH

Board 9 Role of a chat based domestic violence

hotline among youth and adults—


A. McDonnell, PhD