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American Public Health Association


2020.0 Advocacy for Leaders (CCC, 401-403)

2021.0 Opening General Session: Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood

Federation of American; Camara Jones, President, APHA (CCC, Bellco Theatre)

3006.0 Public Health On the US Presidential Campaign Trail (CCC, 208)

3007.0 Council of Linkages (CCC, 302)

3008.0 Prevention Professional: A New Model for Public Health Delivery (CCC, 301)

3009.0 Racism and Public Health (CCC, 207)

3009.1 Views from the Field: Three HIAs and their Impact on Policy (CCC, 507)

3109.0 Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow—TAG in Action (CCC, 302)

3110.0 Advancing Population Health and Equity in Schools: A Role for Public Health

Partners (CCC, 301)

3111.0 IndexUS: The State of Black Women (CCC, 702)

3112.0 LSU Health Sciences Center MD/MPH Policy Fellowship Program: Bridging

Gaps Between Healthcare & Public Health (CCC, 401)

3113.0 Media advocacy: How to make public health matter in media (CCC, 208)

3114.0 National Healthy Start Association (CCC, 210)

3115.0 NHLBI: Better health for diverse and global populations (CCC, 206)

3116.0 Cradle to Community: Connecting the Dots among Multiple Forms of Violence

(CCC, 303)

3117.0 Public Health Law 101 (CCC, 304)

3214.0 EffortstoEnsureaCompetentHealthEducation/PromotionWorkforce(CCC,304)

3215.0 Leading Health Equity (Co-Sponsored by the Committee on Equal Health

Opportunity and the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus) (CCC, 207)

3216.0 United Ways Improving Health, Education, and Financial Stability in New

Ways—A National and Denver Perspective (CCC, 301)

3217.0 Preventing youth violence froma developmental lifespan perspective: Strategies

for public health organizations and communities (CCC, 201)

3218.0 The who, what and how of advocacy (CCC, 208)


The Meaning of Long-Term Care? (CCC, 405)

3219.2 Promising Models and Partnerships to BUILD Better Community Health (CCC,


3219.3 Writing for the Public Health Community (CCC, 506)

3315.0 Looking Forward after 25 Years of Community-Based Public Health and

Research (EHOC and CBPH Caucus) (CCC, 206)

3316.0 Making Connections Among Men and Boys: Understanding and Addressing

Adverse Community Experiences and Resilience (CCC, 506)

3317.0 Mobilizing a Public Health Campaign (CCC, 208)

3318.0 Policy Issues Presented by Legalized Cannabis: Where Do We Go From Here?

(CCC, 303)

3319.0 APHA: Reflections andWorkshop on APHA’s FourteenDecades, of Public Health

(CCC, 401)

3321.0 Investing in Data to Improve Violence Prevention (CCC, 302)

3380.0 Monday General Session—The CDC: Disease Detectives to the World Thomas

Frieden, David Satcher, and Jeffrey Koplan (CCC, Bellco Theatre)


Identity: Be Aware of Your Surroundings (CCC, 403)

4091.0 Examples of Community Engagement Activities within CEPH Accredited

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (CCC, 301)

4092.0 Addressing the Social Determinants of Health and Creating Equity through

Community Development (CCC, 302)

4093.0 Connections for Cardiovascular Health: Innovations in Community-Based

Approaches to Improving Cardiovascular Health (CCC, 303)

4094.0 What We Can Learn from States’ Efforts to Reduce Gun Violence? (HRD,

Centennial Ballroom D)

4095.0 A public health approach to suicide prevention (CCC, 507)

4096.0 Late Breaker: HI-5: The new CDC population health initiative to improve health

in 5 years or less! (CCC, 103)

4162.2 Movement Toward Violence as a Health Issue (CCC, 703)

4204.0 Changing the Landscape of Healthcare with CHWs: Health Impact Evaluation&

Recommended Value-Based Cost Structures (CCC, 102)

4205.0 Generating Informed Policies by Addressing Gender Influences on Women’s

Health (CCC, 113)

4206.0 Unexpected Allies in Advancing Public Health and Transportation: NTSB, Uber,

CDC, TRB and Public Transportation (CCC, 203)

4206.1 Putting a Face on Social Determinants of Health; Consumer, Provider &

Community Perspectives (CCC, Mile High Ballroom 2B)

4283.0 High Stakes: Reframing the Conversation about Youth SubstanceUse (CCC, 302)

4283.1 Cities as Innovation Labs: New Approaches to Improve Health (CCC, 507)

4283.2 Upstream Solutions and Models for Addressing Social Determinants of Health

(CCC, Mile High Ballroom 2B)

4367.0 Bridging health equity, health outcomes, and the built environment to create the

healthiest nation (Sponsored by APHA Science Board) (CCC, 212)

5029.0 Access to Nature as a Human Right: How parks play an important role as a

social determinant of health through theNational Park RxMovement (CCC, 212)

5083.0 State Sexual Health Education Policy Analysis: Policy Data to Improve Public

Health Practice and Application (CCC, 201)

5167.0 Closing General Session (CCC, Four Seasons Ballroom 3/4)

APHA-Center for Professional Development

3009.2 Insuring the Right to Health—Enrolling Underserved Populations through

Health Insurance Exchanges (CCC, 405)

3117.1 Investing in the Healthiest Nation: The Game-Changing Potential of Community

Development-Health Collaboration for Healthier Communities (CCC, Mile High

Ballroom 2B)

3322.0 Health Equity & Racial Equity: Advancing Power, Practice & Impact (CCC, 201)

4206.3 Violence Prevention: Becoming agents of change to improve health outcomes

(CCC, 201)

APHA-Center for Public Health Policy

3010.0 Bicycling and Walking in the United States—Exploring the Benchmarking

Report website (CCC, 210)

3117.2 The Value of Environmental Health Through Partnerships (CCC, 404)

3320.0 Planting Healthier Air: An assessment of the potential for trees to reduce air

pollution and cool cities to enhance human health (CCC, 301)

4007.0 Buildingwalkable communities through partnerships—WalkingCollege Fellows

case studies (CCC, 208)

4098.0 Building Public Health Capacity to Achieve Health Equity in Tribal Communities

(CCC, 210)

4099.0 PublicHealthDataSharingandtheLaw:ExploringElectronicHealthInformation

(CCC, 207)

4099.1 Working together: A Call to Action for Healthy Communities (CCC, 401)

4206.2 Making the Connection: Climate Changes Health (CCC, 301)

4282.0 Building Resilience Against Climate Effects—How Health Departments are

Preparing for Climate Change (CCC, 301)

4284.0 Creating the Healthiest Nation through Environmental Health: A Federal

Partner Perspective (CCC, 709)

4285.0 Advancing the Health in All Policies Movement: State Perspectives and

Experiences (CCC, 207)

APHA-Committee on Women’s Rights

3011.0 Addressing A Mental Health Crisis: Innovative solutions for women in hard to

reach populations (CCC, 201)

3069.0 Women and girls’ health: a right not a privilege/Part I (CCC, Halls A/F)

3070.0 Women and girls’ health: a right not a privilege/Part II (CCC, Halls A/F)

3118.0 Public health leadership in influencing women’s health: partnerships in

translational medicine (TM) (CCC, 201)

4008.0 Ensuring reproductive freedom in healthcare (CCC, 201)

APHA-Council of Affiliates

3071.0 Affiliate & Student Poster Session 1 (CCC, Halls A/F)

3072.0 Affiliate & Student Poster Session 2 (CCC, Halls A/F)

3073.0 Affiliate & Student Posters Session 3 (CCC, Halls A/F)

3220.0 Plan4Health: Building Healthy, Equitable Communities Through Planning and

Public Health (HRD, Centennial Ballroom E)

4207.0 Do You Want to Enhance Your Health Department’s Performance? Get

Accredited! (HRD, Centennial Ballroom A)

5133.0 Colorado’s State Innovation Model—Integrating Health (CCC, 607)

The following is an alpha listing of scientific sessions that have been

organized by APHA, Sections, Special Interest Groups, Caucuses,

Forums, and the Student Assembly. Please refer to Tab 3 of this

Final Program Book for session information.