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Sunday, October 30


Board 8 What characteristics of farmers’

markets promote greater fruit and

vegetable purchase and consumption?—

Stephanie B. Jilcott Pitts, PhD

Board 9 Reimagining the food desert in urban


Stephanie Pike, BS, MPH

Board 10 Produce prescriptions for food insecure

patients with hypertension in safety net

clinics: A clinical-community linkage—

Kakul Joshi, MPH

Organized by: Food and Nutrition


CCC, Halls A/F

FN Section Poster 5: Food Systems and

Food Safety

Board 1 Safety of Genetically Modified Foods

and its Impact on Global Public Health—


Board 2 Targeting policy, systems, and

environmental change through

partnership assessment—


Swain, MPH

Board 3 Changing the Restaurant Environment

to Improve Cardiovascular Health in a

Rural Community: Implementation and

Evaluation of the Heart of New Ulm

(HONU) Project Restaurant Initiative—

Rebecca Lindberg, MPH, RD

Board 4 Change Beyond The Plate: Findings

From School Food FOCUS’ Learning

Lab Procurement Initiatives—


Liquori, EdD, MPH

Board 5 Effects on Race and Class on

Community Garden Locations, Goals,

and Structures—

Katie L. Butterfield

Board 6 Food Source Information Wiki:

Connecting Food Production and Public


Marisa Bunning

Board 7 Growing Farm-to-School at the

Regional Level: Collective Impact

Principles at Work in the San Diego

County Farm-to-School Taskforce—

Colin Cureton, M.S., M.P.P.

Board 8 Increasing Access to Healthy Food with

a “Veggie Van”—

Kelly Ylitalo, PhD

Board 9 Americans’ Perceptions of the Current

Food System—

Jonathan Voss, MPA

Board 10 Focusing on food equity: A mobile farm

stand in South Seattle, WA—


Smith, MPH, University of Washington

Master in Community-Oriented Public

Health Practice

Organized by: Food and Nutrition

Endorsed by: Community Health Planning and Policy



CCC, Halls A/F

FN Section Poster 6: Food Insecurity and

Nutrition Assistance Programs

Board 1 Farm to WIC!: An Educational Initiative

to Promote Shopping at Farmers’

Markets Among WIC Participants in

New York City—

Arielle Burlett, MA

Board 2 Role of SNAP on health status and


Andrew Breck, MPA

Board 3 WIC Clients’ Perception of Program

Benefits and Barriers to Participation

and Their Intention to Stay Enrolled:

Baseline Results of a Longitudinal


Keriann Uesugi, PhD

Board 4 Mobile App Changes Household Eating

and Communication Patterns among

Low-Income Pantry Clients—


Evans, PhD

Board 5 Increasing Healthy Food Access to

Vulnerable Populations Using Non-

Traditional Partnerships—

Shaune Lancit

Board 6 Housing Instability and Food Insecurity:

Findings from the USDA Food

Acquisition and Purchasing Survey—

Lillian MacNell, PhD

Board 7 Food insecurity among students at a

southeastern university: Prevalence and

coping strategies—

Lanae Ball, PhD

Board 8 An Evaluability Assessment for a Local

Implementing Agency’s Supplemental

Nutrition Assistance Program

Education (SNAP-Ed) Program—

Ashley Stegall, MPH

Board 9 Differential associations by ethnicity

between food insecurity, depression,

and stress in an emerging Latino

community in Alabama—

John P. Shelley

Board 10 Reducing Barriers to SNAP utilization

at Farmer’s Markets in Santa Clara


Joanne Seavey-Hultquist, MSW

Organized by: Food and Nutrition


CCC, Halls A/F

FN Section Poster 7: Food Marketing

Board 1 Content Curation and Social Media

Marketing to Build Healthier Food

Environments for Latino Kids—

Lisa Ellis,


Board 2 Rethinking Billboard Placement: A

Community Approach to Reducing

Unhealthy Outdoor Advertisements—

Ariana Oliva

Board 3 Impact of a sales promotion on the

sales of healthier food items at a

sports stadium in the US—

Corliss Allen

Solomon, MPH

Board 4 Effect of food’s sugar content on

consumer demand response to the food

supply and the associated marketing


Alice Labban

Board 5 Supporting school compliance with

updated food and beverage marketing

policies that align with the new federal

competitive food standards—


Polacsek, PhD, MHS

Board 6 Rethink Your Drink: A Multi-Level

Campaign Targeting Reduction of Sugar

Sweetened Beverage Intake in Adults

and Children in West Virginia—


McCartney, MPH, RDN

Board 7 Monitoring Implementation and Impact

of a Voluntary Industry Nutrition and

Marketing Commitment—



Board 8 Community-Based Intervention to

Improve the Product, Price, Placement,

and Promotion of Healthy Options in

Recreation Center Concession Stands

in Pinellas County, Florida—


Lundquist, MPH, CPH

Board 9 A mixed methods examination to

describe snack vending consumers and

their interest in healthy food choices

at a large public university in the


Victoria Zigmont, PhD, MPH

Board 10 “If you finish, I’ll give you candy!”: The

impact of food as a reward on negative

eating behavior—

Mercedes Pratt, B.A.

Organized by: Food and Nutrition


CCC, Halls A/F

FN Section Poster 8: Student Abstracts

Board 1 “The least of our worries”: Mapping

diverse perspectives on nutrition

promotion for homeless families

in shelter to advance pragmatic


Marvin So, MPH, CHES

Board 2 Comparison of healthy food incentive

redemption rates: A systematic review—

Meghan McGonigle

Board 3 Accessing health: Examining racial

and geographic disparities in diabetes

prevalence as a result of the built


Amanda Powell, MA, MPH

Board 4 Evaluating fruit and vegetable intake

among farmers’ market incentive

participants in DC—

Sara Pellegrino

Board 5 Is food insecurity a potential

explanation for formula stretching and

early introduction of complementary


Vanessa Assibey-Mensah, MPH

Board 6 How parenting styles and healthy

food availability influence child dietary


Elizabeth Emley, B.A.

Board 7 Enrollment in the Supplemental

Nutrition Assistance Program,

depressive symptoms, and modification

by program perception: Findings

from the Fragile Families and Child

Wellbeing Study—

Rachel Bergmans,


Board 8 “Here is where I gain weight.”: Influence

of environmental factors and context

in Hispanic-Latino Food and Physical

Activity Culture—

Katherine Body

Board 9 Low-Protein Diet Education Program

Decreased the Progression Rate in

Patients with Pre-End-Stage Renal


Yi-Lien Wu, MS

Board 10 Increasing SNAP Participants’

Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables:

An Assessment of the Double Up Food

Bucks Farmers’ Market Program in

New York State—

Jennifer A. Garner, RD

Organized by: Food and Nutrition


CCC, Halls A/F

Infant & Child Health poster session

Board 1 Assessment on the status of

immunization mainstreaming activity

implementation in church system,

Ethiopia: Quantitative Study—



Board 2 Early Treatment for Neonatal

Abstinence Syndrome: A Palliative


Rachel Mayo, Ph.D.

Board 3 Birthplace matters: The role of

maternal nativity in pregnancy


Constance Gundacker, MD

Board 4 Improving Neonatal Outcomes through


Robert Gehringer, MD

Board 5 Patient Centered Research Priorities in

Pediatric Health—

Sarah E Brewer, MPA

Board 6 Identifying Low-Income Children

0-5, Falling through the Medical /

Community Service Gap—

Catherine L.

Kothari, PhD