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Denys and Selmers win technology award

SELMERS has announced that the

company, together with Denys, has won

the 2015 IPLOCA New Technologies

Award sponsored by BP. The award

was presented during the IPLOCA

annual convention held in Singapore,

by Michael Hiam, engineering manager,

BP Integrated Supply and Trading.

The award is given in recognition

of a significant achievement in

the development of new pipeline

technologies. The IPLOCA New

Technologies committee, with Jean

Claude Van de Wiele as the chairman,

decided to present the award to Denys

and Selmers, represented Johan van

Wassenhove (Denys), Bart Appelman

(Selmers) and Luc Hoppenbrouwers

(Denys), in recognition of their work on

their onshore automatic vacuum field

joint blasting.

The adjudication committee selected

this entry because the new tool

improves HSE conditions for workers

in the field; it is a development coming

from a contractor and a manufacturer

working together; and it is an example

of technology transfer from the offshore

to the onshore industry.

Denys specialises in the onshore

construction of oil and gas pipelines, and

has used this field joint blaster in day-to-

day work. Together with Denys, Selmers

was able to evaluate the field joint blaster

when used in the field. With the outcome

of the evaluations, the working of the field

joint blaster was optimised.

Conventional field joint blasting is

typically a time-consuming manual

operation, and carries some safety,

health and environmental risks, since

the process produces a lot of dust and

thus also potential pollution. The quality

assurance also demands effort and


Advantages of the operator-friendly

closed-loop vacuum blaster include

internal grit recovery; high blasting

capacity; and a clean, automated and

remote-controlled process with minimal

abrasive loss.

Selmers BV

– Netherlands


Jean Claude Van de Wiele, Johan Van Wassenhove,

Bart Appelman, Luc Hoppenbrouwers and Michael Hiam