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Updated laser tube cutter

for metals and plastics

AMADA Miyachi America Inc, a

manufacturer of laser welding, marking,

cutting and micro machining equipment

and systems, has introduced its updated

Sigma Laser Tube Cutter, which can be

used with both microsecond fibre and

femtosecond disk lasers.

The new cutting system provides

edge quality for both metals and

plastics, making it suitable for medical

device applications, including a wide

range of tubes and stents. With three

and four axes motion options, and the

ability to cut tubes with diameters from

0.2 to 25mm, the Sigma is suitable for

both wet and dry cutting. It features an

automated tube loader option and a 22"

graphic user interface on a swing arm.

The Sigma Laser Tube Cutter allows

users to maximise throughput with high

speed direct drive integrated X andTheta

‘lathe’ axes stages. Featuring two, three

and four axes options, the tube cutter

can be configured to the

specific cutting application

for both on- and off-axis

cut geometries. The lathe

stages are mounted directly

to a granite base, while the

vertical and horizontal stages

are mounted to a granite

gantry secured to the granite


Two different laser source

options are available. The microsecond

fibre laser offers excellent beam

quality and high pulse repetition rates

for high speed precision cutting. The

femtosecond disk laser provides cut

quality using cold ablation cutting to

produce edge quality that reduces post-

processing costs.

Small tube diameters cut with the fibre

laser are cooled using a self-contained

water system that features flow and

level sensors to monitor operation. The

lathe stages and all connections are

sealed for use in wet cutting.

Enclosure options include Class 1

systems in both open and closed frame,

and Class 4 systems, customised to

specific integration, access and loading

speed requirements.

Amada Miyachi America, Inc


Fax: +1 626 599 9636



Sigma tube cutter