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Zumbach equips German hot rolling mill

with profile measuring system




in Switzerland, recently sold a



SPS 800-S8 profile

measuring system to Germany-based

Hoesch Schwerter Profile GmbH.

Hoesch is part of the Italian Calvi

Holding group and produces various

steel profiles on its hot rolling mill. The

company is amanufacturer of customised

special profiles made of steel. These are

used in virtually all areas of the steel

processing industries.

Zumbach is a supplier of non-contact

measurement solutions for the steel

industry as well as other industries such

as wire and cable, plastics and rubber.

Hoesch’s partnership with Zumbach

shows trust in its extensive experience

in the field of non-contact measurement

technology and allows it to make a leap

forward in manufacturing capability,

benefiting from the latest in technological


For Zumbach, Hoesch is an ideal

partner because the company focuses

on quality, precision and close customer

relationships – virtues that Zumbach

also admires.

In order to reach the increasing

demands of accuracy and reliability

of steel profiles and to increase the

efficiency of the hot rolling mill, Hoesch

decided to acquire a Profilemaster


SPS 800-S8 system. Thanks to this

measuring system, Hoesch will have a

more competitive position in the market.

Among other benefits, start-up and

changeover times can be extensively


Some of the main advantages are:

eight cameras which can be equipped

modularly, any shape can be captured

and measured; up to 16,000 points/

contour (2,048/camera) = 5,734,400

points/second; high sampling rate of

350-500/second (full profiles/second);

four different colours of laser = no

interference; easy and quick calibration

check (can be done by the customer

within few a few minutes); and real-time

monitoring of complex profiles.

Zumbach Electronic AG

– Switzerland



Barnshaws helps visitors into Orbit

ONE of the defining structures of the

London 2012 Olympics, theArcelorMittal

Orbit, reaches 115m into the London

skyline around Queen Elizabeth Olympic

Park. Designed by Sir Anish Kapoor and

Cecil Balmond, the landmark is now

incorporating a 584ft-long helter-skelter

to provide visitors with a unique view of

the capital.

Set to be the world’s largest tunnel

slide, riders will be able to reach the

heights of the structure thanks to the

metal bending expertise of Barnshaws

Section Benders’ Scottish division.

When the structure was erected in

2012, Barnshaws’ Hamilton branch

was contracted to help produce the

complex staircase to provide visitors

with access to the top of the freeform

skeletal structure. Due to the design

peculiarities of the sculpture, the

staircase required numerous sections

of varying lengths and curves to

achieve the desired effect.

Due to the great variance of sections

required to fabricate the staircase,

months of testing time was needed to

guarantee the correct specification of

section, and that the spiralling applied

to the sections was accurate. Each

section was required to be mandrel

spiralled – a new process developed

by Barnshaws – with each particular

section displaying varying length and

spiral attributes. Every piece of each

particular module had to be of the

highest quality.

The structure was initially opened as

a centrepiece attraction for the London

2012 Olympic Games, before being

closed for its redevelopment into a

public space, reopening to the public in

April 2014.

Barnshaw Section Benders Ltd

– UK

Fax: +44 121 557 5323





SPS 800-S8