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A note about the photographs

Adam Pańczuk

Adam Pańczuk

(born 1978) lives in

Warsaw, and travels to wherever he

finds an interesting subject. He

studied at the University of

Economics, and photography at the

Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.

With his projects Pańczuk asks questions, directly and

metaphorically, about identity, consciousness, and the

attitude towards life of people he meets along the way. His

unique skill in telling gripping yet intimate stories with

images has won him many prestigious awards to date, such


Pictures of the Year International, Magnum

Expression Award,


Grand Press Photo.

He has

published photos in

National Geographic, Newsweek, British

Journal of Photography, Le Monde, Esquire, OyodePez, Geo

Magazine, Polityka, Malemen, DF Gazeta Wyborcza,