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official secret. Besides, what difference did it make whether

it was in a church or not. The main thing was that they

should be married by a priest. A church was just where

there was a priest. And she knew him after all. And the fact

that he was a welder, what of it? He was a priest. People

found themselves in various situations these days, even

priests. He had a surplice and stole, and a Bible, he kept

them in a suitcase, what could they be for other than to

perform services? He’d be sure to agree. He knew what

times were like. And he’d certainly keep their secret.

Because for the moment it had to be a secret. At most he’d

invite three or four of his closest friends. They wouldn’t

breath a word of it, he guaranteed. She shouldn’t invite

anyone from her side, not her father or mother, no one.

They agreed on a Saturday evening when the site would be

deserted, so no one would see it. A lot of people working on

the site would leave after work on Saturday to travel to

their families. The watchmen at the gatehouse would get a

bottle of vodka so they wouldn’t see anything or hear

anything. Just in case, he’d tell them it was his birthday.

They’d cover the window, the table would serve as an altar,

they’d cover it with a white cloth. He’d buy candles. It

would be good to have a crucifix, he didn’t know if the

Priest had one. Maybe she had one at home, she should

bring it. But she should make sure no one saw her. So she

did. Do you think she was being gullible? I doubt it. Desire

is stronger than suspicion.