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bought them some time ago, before he was working on the

foreign contract. An opportunity had come along when

someone lost at cards and didn’t have anything else to pay


No, he didn’t play cards, not him. He’d bought them off the

guy that lost. He’d figured they might come in handy. And

they had. He’d forgotten about them, it was only when he

saw her in the cafeteria that he remembered he had them.

It was like those rings had chosen her to be his wife.

Though they wouldn’t be able to wear them for the

moment. After the wedding they’d take them off and he’d

keep them safe. Once his contract was over they could put

them back on. Maybe they’d go away somewhere. Maybe

abroad. He’d try and pull some strings in the foreign

company whose machinery they were installing.

Who wouldn’t have swallowed it all, you tell me. Common

sense might have made her suspicious. But common sense

always loses out to life. She was working in a cafeteria, and

bam. Soup, main course, bam. Anyone who wanted could

grab hold of her braid, but he lifted it on his outspread

palm and weighed it to see if it was maybe made of gold.

Common sense tells you to be wary of any love, because

you never know where it might lead you. Common sense

tells you you should be wary of yourself. But it isn’t people

that create common sense for themselves. And what is

common sense anyway? You tell me that. And I’ll tell you

back that no one could survive in life by just following