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During a brief stopover, the students purchase headache

pills. The elderly lady offers the elderly man her seat by the


“I always used to travel this distance by car and had no

chance to see this world up close,” says the veteran and

upon seeing pigs in a spacious pen, he sighs, “All these pigs

will be sold together with their hooves.”

“Except the noise they make,” says the woman. After a

moment, excited she points to something outside the

window. “Look!” she hails out loud. Over a valley of

Pennsylvania, the sky, as if torn by flames of fire, cries out

in red, yellow and orange.

The students raise their heads and instantly return to their

digital activities. The faces of the elders are enflamed with

ecstasy. The veteran squeezes the wrist of the lady, he

swings her arm. Yet looking at the other passengers, they

soon feel embarrassed, as if enchantment by the sunset was

uncool or too old-fashioned.