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The scientists sleeping with one eye closed resigned from

the asymmetry.

A beam of light fell on the professor’s temple and gave the

surface of her face something magnetic. Her lips moved

precisely. She looked at the page and raised her eyelids

from the page in slow motion.

The daydreaming associate professor moved to unreality.

He wished to be a body fully immersed in her eyes.

The lecturing professor moved her center of gravity from

one leg to the other leg. To the left, to the right, to the left.

For an unspecified period of time, her leg bent in the knee

at the angle of 150 degrees transcended the contours of the


Water particles appeared on the forehead of the full

professor. Suddenly he saw with more clarity the principle

that in certain conditions the dispersal of strings is directly

defined by the theory of perturbation, the result of which

are potential states of vacuum.

When the lecturing professor moved herself in time and

space, those well-grounded in their convictions felt an

escalation of field tension and focused on the lecturer’s

hips. To the power of n.