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All Days are Night (excerpt)

Peter Stamm

Born in Scherzingen, Switzerland

in 1963, Peter Stamm has had

several life stages, as an

accountant, psychiatric intern,

journalist and author. He has

written six acclaimed novels, and

also writes for radio and theatre.

An editor of the Swiss literary


Entwürfe für Literatur


he currently lives in


"Everything Peter Stamm turns his hand to is highly

disturbing, acutely perceptive, and unfathomably gripping,

and [this] is no exception. In sentences that are plain and

surgical, in prose that has about it a disquieting stillness, he

dissects our fractured lives. A masterpiece of disorientation

and control,

All Days Are Night

may be his best novel yet."

Rupert Thomson

Translated from German by Michael Hofmann.