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Members in the News

Taekjip Ha

, University of

Illinois-Urbana Champaign

and Society member since


Eva Nogales

, University of

California, Berkeley, and

Society member since 2000.

Julian Schroeder

, University

of California, San Diego,

and Society member since


Summer Course

In early May, the Society welcomed an excellent

cohort of students from as far away as California

and as near as Durham, NC, to UNC-Chapel

Hill for the 8


Annual Biophysical Society Sum-

mer Research Program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The 13 students participating in the program

will face new challenges in the lab and classroom,

develop professional skills associated with gradu-

ate education, and, hopefully, have fun during

the eleven-week program. The students, pictured

at left, have matched with labs in Chemistry,

Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Physics,

Biology, Pharmacy, and Pharmacology.

Four BPS members have been elected to

become members of the National Acad-

emy of Sciences:

Reinhard Jahn

(not pictured), Max Planck

Institute and Society member since 2000.

Suggest a Student or

Postdoc to Spotlight

Do you have a spotlight-worthy

student or postdoc in your lab?

Let us know. Send his/her name to

so that they

can be featured in the newsletter.