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Celebrate the second Annual Biophysics week on March 6-10, 2017! Biophysics Week is a global ef-

fort to connect the biophysics community and raise awareness of the field and its impact among the

general public, policy makers, students and scientists in related fields.

Mark your calendars and join your peers during this global awareness week. There will be webinars,

lesson plans, articles, seminars, lab tours, daily activities, and much more!

Evelyne Deplazes

University of Queensland, Australia

“I am a biophysicist and I use computers to understand

how molecules interact with each other. I hope to combine

simulations and experiments to understand biological pro-

cesses of biomedical relevance at the molecular level.”

Sarah Waxman, Undergraduate at

Rutgers University

Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ,

Richard Ludescher’s lab

“I am a biophysicist and I use fluorescence

to study how edible food colors can be

used as probes for the physical properties of


Sri Ranjini Arumugam

Max Planck Institute for Biophysical

Chemistry, Goettingen, Germany,

Nanoscale Spin Imaging Lab

“I am a biophysict and enjoy being one.

I work with microscopes and proteins.”

Visit B


for more details soon!