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$2 Billion Increase for NIH in

FY 2017 Labor-HHS Bill

On June 9, the Senate Appropriations Committee

approved the FY 2017 Labor-Health and Human

Services appropriations bill, which includes $34

billion for the National Institues of Health (NIH)

in FY 2017 — a $2 billion (6.3 percent) increase

over current year funding. The committee’s

increase includes $1.39 billion for Alzheimer’s

disease research, $300 million for the Precision

Medicine Initiative, and $250 million for the

BRAIN Initiative. The bill was the first Labor-

HHS appropriations bill approved in several years.

The Biophysical Society thanked the committee

for the bipartisan bill and the increased support for

the NIH. The bill was not yet scheduled to go to

the Senate floor for approval at press time.

New Faces in Washington

NIGMS Council:

Five individuals were appoint-

ed to the National Institute of General Medical

Sciences Advisory Board during the Council’s May

meeting. They are: BPS member

Janet L. Smith


professor of life sciences and biological chemistry

at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and

scientific director of the General Medical Sciences

and Cancer Institute’s Structural Biology Facility

at the Advanced Photon Source;

Liza Cariaga-Lo


vice president for academic development, diversity,

and inclusion at Brown University;

Carmen Des-


, professor of integrative biology and pharma-

cology at the University of Texas Health Science


Mark Peifer

, professor in the department

of biology and member of the Lineberger Com-

prehensive Cancer Center at the University of

North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and

Wilfred van

der Donk

, chair in chemistry at the University of

Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These individuals

will serve four-year terms on the council, offering

advice and recommendations on NIGMS pro-

grams and policies, as well as serving as the second

level of peer review for NIGMS grant applications.

National Library of Medicine:

Patricia Flatley


has been tapped to lead the National

Library of Medicine, the world’s largest biomedi-

cal library. Brennan is currently at the University

of Wisconsin-Madison, where she is a professor at

the School of Nursing and College of Engineering.

Brennan has been a pioneer in the development of

information systems for patients and in evaluating

health IT architecture. Her new role begins this


National Science Board:

During its May meet-

ing, the National Science Board (NSB), which

serves as the governing body for the National Sci-

ence Foundation, elected

Maria Zuber

, vice presi-

dent for research at the Massachusetts Institute

of Technology, as chair and

Diane Souvaine

, vice

provost for research at Tufts University, as vice

chair. They replace

Dan Arvizu


Kelvin Droege-


, who rotated off the board after serving 12

years, the last four as chair and vice chair, respec-

tively. Zuber is in her fourth year on the board

and has served on its Committee on Strategy and

Budget, which advises on NSF’s strategic direc-

tion and reviews the agency's budget submissions.

Souvaine is in her second term on the NSB and

has served as chair of its Committee on Strategy

and Budget, chair of its Committee on Programs

and Plans, and as a member of its Committee on

Audit and Oversight, all of which provide strategic

direction, oversight, and guidance on NSF projects

and programs. Board members serve six-year

terms, and are eligible to have their appointment

renewed once.

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