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Mechanobiology of Disease


September 27-30, 2016

This meeting will explore the role of cell mechan-

ics from basic research to clinical applications.

Participants will discuss mechanosensing in various

pathological states, including bacterial infections

and host-pathogen interactions, cell migration and

cancer metastasis, chromatin abnormalities and gene

regulation, and tissue architecture and pathology.

Call for 2017 Thematic Meeting Proposals

Submissions Due July 10

The Biophysical Society’s Thematic Meetings are unique

and exciting because they bring together researchers who

do not otherwise attend the same events, allowing for

the exploration of shared topics of interest from a variety

of perspectives. These meetings must be proposed and

chaired by Society members; the Society provides all lo-

gistical and management support. All 2015 members are

eligible to submit a proposal for consideration. This

is a wonderful opportunity to propose that unique meet-

ing related to your work that you always wanted to

attend…if it only existed! For more details on how to

submit a proposal visit

and click

‘Thematic Meetings.’

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