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Logan ledford

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ew Orleans has long been a creative muse and

inspiration for artists of all kinds. No other

American city has such a layered and diverse

cultural history, and brims with creativity quite like she

does. The Big Easy excels in and celebrates all things

imaginative–inventive food, beautiful architecture, and

art and music on every corner. Some say it's our European,

Creole and African roots, some say it's the heat and

humidity, but everyone points to the remarkable creative

freedom pulsing through our neighborhoods. Our talent is

literally home-grown and richly supported by natives and

visitors alike. There must be something in the water.

By katy danos

Logan Ledford, a minimal colorist, has been painting since she was

five. In her studio in the Irish Channel, her focus is on illustration,

graphic design and, of course, painting. Classically trained, Logan

has a thing for happy abstraction, color blocking and thick texture.

Her work on birch wood panels, canvas, oyster shells and shiny boxes is

graphic, modern and bursting with color. Logan's 'color spots' series is a

study in Big Easy exuberance.

Companies owned by five local women

designing and making art here in

New Orleans.


he colors of New Orleans are amazing–houses, fashion,

costumes, parties, it's never ending. This city is vibrant,

fun, intense, but laid back, and I think my work reflects

this to a T. I see my color spots as personalities or stories, each

is a different vibrant person I have met in New Orleans or a

hilariously unique story I've heard at a cocktail party.