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Gears of W4r is landing, and there's quite a bit to be excited about on this Xbox exclusive title. The Coalition's upcoming third-person shooter introduces Marcus Fenix's son, J.D., as well as a new enemy – the Swarm. Featuring two-player co-op, with your second-in-command taking the role of either Kait or Del, Gears 4 is one to watch.

SOUTH PARK: THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE . RELEASE DATE 06/12/16 . If the innuendo-laden title didn’t give it away, Ubisoft are back at it again with the South Park games (following the acclaimed Stick of Truth ), and there’s no ifs or butts about this one – it’s the tail end of a good joke. COD: INFINITE WARFARE . RELEASE DATE 04/11/16 . Hate all you want, this new instalment from Infinity Ward looks spectacular. Launching the established Call of Duty franchise into outer space is an entirely new direction for the series, but with the addition of space combat, no-one's really in a position to complain.

MAFIA III . RELEASE DATE 07/10/16 . The first new Mafia game in five years, Mafia III is set in New Bordeaux, a

reimagined New Orleans. Protagonist Lincoln Clay is thrown into the gang wars of 1968, and you're going with him. After all, family isn't who you're born with, it's who you die for. SKYRIM: SPECIAL EDITION

. RELEASE DATE 28/10/16 . Everyone played Skyrim , and now everyone’s gonna be playing it again when it launches remastered in

October. You get all the DLC, it’s been given a new coat of paint, and you can even play mods on console. It’s time to head back in and say goodbye to your social lives. Sweet roll, anyone? PS VR . RELEASE DATE OCTOBER .


Everyone loved the first, and now the sequel has gone one better by introducing a single- player mode. We had the chance to have a crack at this year's E3, and honestly it's shaping up to be huge. With a new progression system and new Titans to take control of, there's plenty to look forward to. Stand by.

Yeah, it’s not a game, but we’re sure as hell excited about this one. It’ll be

interesting to see if console VR takes off at the pace Sony expects it to. One thing’s for sure:

we’ll be grabbing a headset, even if just to play Job Simulator for hours on end. Big things are coming... POKÉMON SUN/MOON . RELEASE DATE 18/11/16 . That’s right, another new Pokémon game! Riding the success of Pokémon GO , you can safely assume there’ll be a new batch of fans jumping onto the handheld sensation when Sun and Moon launch in November. New

Pokémon, new forms, and a new land to explore. Gotta catch ‘em all.

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