The Opening Dinner-Dance of the 2018-2019 season was held on Saturday night, December 8, with an attendance of nearly 300, filling all sections of the main dining room. It was an exceptionally beautifully decorated setting for what was a truly lovely evening. In addition to the beautiful room and a delicious meal (thanks to Chef Berndt and the dining staff), The Chase Band provided a great evening of music. The dance floor was overflowing all night long as they played a wonderful variety of songs for any type of danc- ing preference. A super job was done by the entertainment committee led by Judy Konigsberg and Ethel Schultz, and Paula Wolfson who was responsible for so much, especially the beautiful décor. Of course, thank you also to Martina and the Frenchman’s staff. It was a night to remember.

Carol Smith

At the age of 76, I learned 2 valuable lessons. I went to the beach today with my son, Charles, my daughter-in-law, Sandi and my 18 year old grand daughter, Maya. It was a last minute decision to go, but I thought it might be my last time at the beach with them for awhile and in the back of my mind I wanted to leave them with the impression that I was a good sport. Tomorrow the forecast was for cool weather and then they would be gone. I even put on a bathing suit! I had no plans to go into the ocean exactly. I haven’t been in the ocean for years and today the surf looked rough. Actually I did go in but soon realized I was not able to catch my breathe and headed in to shore. I guess this really would be my last time in the Atlantic Ocean. Sandi came with me to help me and I really did need help. I was having trouble getting my footing. As I struggled out of the water, my engagement ring flew off my finger! At first, I couldn’t believe it but then the reality sunk in. I remained calm. I just knew there was nothing I could do. However Charles raced up to “lost and found” and got three pairs of goggles and raced back down to the beach. Of course it was totally ridiculous to think we could find my ring. But as I tried to catch my breathe and also tried to get out of the water without being knocked down again, I said to myself, tears forming in the back of my eyes, “ it’s only a thing” and “I’ve had it for 58 years…but no big deal, I’m insured.” It was more important that I get out of the water while continuing to breathe. The lesson was that possessions, even valuable ones, are just things. Don’t get too attached to things that could be lost, damaged or stolen. It’s just NOT that important…better to breathe.

A few minutes later as I walked along the shoreline, thinking what my next step would be…call my husband, Michael, I guess and he could call the insurance company…I looked out in the water and Maya was holding up her arm. It was impossible that she had found my ring so I assumed she was joking. BUT SHE HAD FOUND IT!!! She said she only saw a circular outline just under the sand and reached for it… Nothing is impossible, they say. The impossible is possible, they say. Shall I say, miracles do happen? So the lessons taught to me this day… I do believe in miracles and I can easily let go of possessions. Oh yes, here’s one more lesson—-Never wear jewelry in the ocean!

Maya and Carol


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