STACK #142 Aug 2016


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BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH After The Rain You could be excused for never having heard of Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Whether that is as a result of his absurdly sesquipedalian name or not is another matter, but you’ll want to make sure you pay attention to his new release, After The Rain . Citing influences like Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen, BFL’s music would not be out of place perhaps in the background of a Somersby ad, or contributing to the ambiance at a Carlton restaurant following a few Sunday sippers. Tracks to look out for are She Will Sing and Summer to ease you into the weekend. (Sony) Alesha Kolbe

NICE AS F-CK Nice As F-ck

Hey kids, being a band is easy! Although having Jenny Lewis up front helps. The Rilo Kiley-cum-Jenny and Johnny golden girl only plays a couple of single-finger synth lines over the bass-drum backbeats of Erika Forster and Tennessee Thomas. But singing into a vortex of reverb, she brings the wit, flavour and tunes to what would otherwise be — well, the word “minimalist” is too hifalutin for NAF’s rifle-crack rhythms topped with hasty scribbles about being a runaway, an angel and kissing someone’s Cookie Lips . There’s a note of social comment in Guns but for these punks, just plugging in to shout “we’re nice as f-ck!” in unison is purpose enough. (Love’s Way) Michael Dwyer

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