ILCTE Lesson Amanda R Infection Control Heroes-2 Google Driv

Explore: Part II, Activity #1, Steps 1 & 2 Explore: Part II, Activity #2, Step 1

Teamwork Critical Thinking

Students need to use prior learned knowledge to clean up correctly, finish a research paper and consider how it applies to their future position as healthcare workers

Elaborate: Activity # 1, 2 & 3

Resources Needed:

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Computer access ThingLink or other LMS Poster paper Markers, scissors, colored paper, stapler or tape Gloves - Sm - Med - Lrg - XLrge (be sure they are nitrile vinyl gloves and not latex gloves due to latex allergy) Masks Isolation gown or button up shirt Soap and water Ball(s) Glo-germ or lotion with glitter Stamps for mailing and envelopes Black light

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