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Valentine Memories Are Made Of This The pathways to true love are as nwner- ous as the stars above. As a spec ial Valentine's Day treat, some of our USO co- workers shared the circumstances under which they met their mates. Fo r La Verne Hanscom of church rela- tions, it was less a case of love at first sight than it was a second chance. "I actually met my husband when I worked as his secretary, but it wasn't until about five years after I had left for a better-paying position that our romance came about," she says. "Early one morning, I was standing on a corner waiting for a bus to take me to work. I had spent the night with my grandmother and so was in an area where I would no t o rdinarily have been. Frank spotted me when he had to stop his car for a red light. He tried to attract my attention by honking the horn. When I didn't respond , he opened the window and yelled out my nickname. Then I pa id attenti on. "He was on the way to the airport, where he was headed out of town on a business trip. He asked if he could call me for dinner when he returned. He did - and we were married about a year and a half later." Jeff Jones of the counseling center didn't have to wait for his spouse, however. He knew she was the one right away. "My wife, Cindy, and I met a long time ago, back when we were high school sophomores," he says. "It was the first day of class, and I was already seated in my geometry class, when in walked a stunning blond with a big smile and a friend ly attitude. Gradually we got to know each other, and I made a point of say- ing hi whenever I saw her on campus. "Because I was very shy, I wasn't sure of where I stood with Cindy o r what to do nex t. Fortunate ly, C indy did. On Oct. 12, 1973, after I played in the JV football game, t UniversiLy of 8an Oiefp

SEA Strands (Continued from page one) community cares. A warm thank you from all of us at Project Safehouse." Another trip to Laughlin , Nev., is scheduled. A turn- around trip on Saturday, March 19, and a weekend trip Friday-Sunday, March 25-27. A flier will be forthcoming , so watch your mail! Vons certificates (scrip) are being sold at the Hahn University Center's ticket win- dow. By using this scrip, which is redeemable dollar for dollar at Vons, you donate to the staff children 's scholar- ship fund at the Manchester Family Child Development Center. All staff interested in partic- ipating in graduation: Come to the undergraduate gradua- tion usher squad meeting , Feb. 22 at noon in Serra Faculty/Staff Lounge. Hot dog sales will resume Feb. 23 in front of the Hahn University Center. - Lillian Flynn and Lynette Layne Passages (Continued from page three) wish to thank the USO com- munity for the extraordinary outpouring of sympathy cards and comments concerning our recent loss. It was deeply gratifying to discover such a high level of thoughtfulness." Alcala View Vol. 10, Issue 5 Editor: Jacqueline Genovese Contributing Editors: Michael Haskins and Trisha Ratledge Production and Design: Judy Williamson Photography: Michael Haskins Alcala View is published monthly (except January) by the publications and human resources offices. The news- letter is distributed to all USO employees.

I was hanging around with the guys when word came through the grapev ine that C indy was look ing for me. My heart stood still. Cou ld this be true? ls this some kind of joke? I hadn't told anyone of my fee lings for C indy. As I stood frozen with doubt, fea r and confusion, C indy made her way through the crowd to find me sta ring aim- lessly out on the football field . I came back to my senses when she ca lled my name, and we escaped the teas ing of my jea lous team- mates by head ing into the bleachers to watch the varsity team play. I don't remem- ber a thing about the football game we watched. My only memories are the rush of first love, the cold autumn night a ir, a shared hot chocolate, sec retly holding hands and cudd ling aga inst the co ld . "We continued to date steadily though high school and attended UCSD together. During our senio r year, 1 proposed to C ind y. We married the next summer, in 1980." Unlike Jeff, Bridget Ingram of the child development center only had one chance to meet her future husband, a chance she almost missed. "Having rece ntly graduated and landed a new job, I was pretty immersed in work and had no time or interest in a soc ial life," she says. "I never went out and loa thed the club scene. One night, my best fri end tricked me into getting out of the house by saying we were going to go out for a bite to ea t. I agreed, but only if we would be back in one hour. The next thing I knew, we we re enter- ing a local dance club! I protested, but went inside. The minute I walked in the door, a handsome man (my future husband, Walter) approached me and asked me to dance. I hes itated, but thought, 'Why not? !' We danced together the entire night and could no t be separated fo r a minute. "The rest, as they say, is history. We 've spent the last nine years together, and we'll hopefully have at least a good SO left!"

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