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When using the Med Sled ® , every precaution should be used to secure the person to the sled properly ensuring they remain in the sled during transport. The directions below outline the proper way of using and securing a patient to the sled. ARC Products takes no responsibility for injuries sustained in an emergency rescue situation. Instructions for loading and dragging operations Stabilize patient on ground or flat surface Remove the Velcro strap a. Unroll the Med Sled (If the sled begins to roll back up, curl up sides and press down or roll top half of sled backwards). (Figure 2a) Put patient on the sled a. Place sled next to patient - insuring head end of Sled is adjacent to patient’s head. b. Deploy Patient Restraint System for amputees, leg injuries, vertical lift and high winds. See instructions for VLR Patient Restraint System Sleds. c. Roll patient on their side away from you and slide sled under patient d. Roll patient back onto sled and slide patient to middle of sled (Figure 3c) e. Secure patient to sled by fastening all four cross straps. Tighten snugly. (Figure 3d) Caution: Over –tightening may cause discomfort by touching or rubbing patient’s forehead. Sled can be pulled from either end using the provided strap at the foot end or connecting a personal tow line or tether to the head end locking delta ring Instructions for preparing sled for Horizontal or Vertical Lift Rescue (Active vertical or horizontal lift should only be conducted by trained personnel in High Angle operations.) Instructions below are only to prepare the Vertical Sled for horizontal or vertical lift. Vertical Lifting Instructions: The sled is ready for a vertical lift by connecting to the front delta locking ring. (Figure A1&A2) Horizontal Lifting Instructions: Remove head and foot hoist straps from bag and lay the straps on the ground or on a flat surface. (Figure B1) Position sled on hoist straps making sure the head of the sled is over the strap marked “head” and the foot of the sled is over the foot hoist strap. Pull foot and head hoist straps thru designated holes in the sled. Pull up and thread looped ends thru black carabiner. (Figure B2) At this point trained personnel will take over the hoist operation. (Figure B3) Cleaning and Re-rolling your Sled - Follow medical protocols for bodily fluids on the Sled up to and including disposal if contamination is involved. Reroll the sled tightly starting at the foot end of the sled. The final roll should be less than 9” in f. Ensure foot loop strap is tightened until sides meet foot pad Strap should be above patient’s feet from cross strap to foot pad Cross strap should be connected and tight Tighten foot loop strap until foot pad touches sled sides g. Head straps should be tightened until head pad is vertical



FIG. 2a


FIG. 3c



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diameter.Wrap the cinch strap around and Velcro. Slide back into the carry bag. Care should be taken to keep the product dry, out of direct sunlight and extreme climate/environmental conditions.


*See separate Instructions for Patient Restraint System



See Separate Instructions

Extrication of a patient from a confined space or rescue situation to a wheeled stretcher or ambulance


CAUTION • This apparatus requires 2 qualified persons to operate. • Risk of falling in the use of this product.

Maximum load for the VLR is 992 lbs. This limit must not be exceeded.


• Danger of serious physical injury if said product is not used or maintained The MED SLED ® VLR should only be used by trained professionals properly trained in the safety and application of these types of products for their intended use. Improper use or use by untrained personnel can result in serious injury or death.

Pressure points, misalignment of the spine, pain and discomfort

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: This product is to be used by trained high angle rescue personnel only. Load and hoist capacity is variable depending on weight distribution and lift orientation.WE MAKE NOWARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OFANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDINGTHEACCURACY OFTHESE SPECIFICATIONS, MERCHANTABILITYAND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The user assumes all risk and liability in connection with the use of this information and this product.

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