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Interwire launch for capstan At Interwire 2009, Queins & Co GmbH presented a newly developed heavy-duty rotating belt-type caterpillar capstan, with 3 tons pull, contact length of 4,900mm (193") and maximum cable diameter of 140mm (5.5") specially designed for big armouring drum-twisters. Also shown was a high-speed steel taping head, laid out for two pads 600mm (23.6") diameter, with speeds up to 500rpm. Queins’ manufacturing range also in- cludes all kinds of high-speed strand- ing and armouring machines, payoffs/ take-ups, taping heads, disc and belt-type caterpillars, extrusion lines and rod drawing machines. Also offered is a wide range of pre-owned reconditioned machines. Queins & Co GmbH – Germany Fax : +49 2472 3014 Email : info@queins.com Website : www.queins.com

Queins’ caterpillar capstan launched at Interwire ▲ ▲

Recession yet to bite at Whitelegg Whitelegg Machines Ltd has expanded its production facility with an additional machine shop, equipped with lathes, mills, drills and saws, to give more flexibility in component production. The bulk of standard components continue to be out-sourced to local precision engineering companies. IWMA member and specialist, Spring Tooling Ltd provides tooling for the wire forming machines.

The machine assembly shop has been doubled in floor area, allowing for easier working and increased efficiency. The current orders for CFM wire forming and welding machines include those from Egypt, South Africa, Taiwan and England. The CFM range has been upgraded with the latest Lenze servomotors, drives and industrial PCs to improve further the already user-friendly system. At the time of writing, both turnover and order book are in line with 2008. The company recently purchased the entire range of equipment from the receivers of a large UK manufacturer of lampshade frames, some forty wire forming and welding machines, mostly of Whitelegg manufacture, which are currently being overhauled or rebuilt.

The CFM-630-TWR wire forming and welding machine, fitted with an automatic unloading system ▲ ▲

This allows lampshade companies, which under the present circumstances could not consider new equipment, to invest in modern machinery at a fraction of the new price. So far, machines have been sold to companies in Russia, France and the USA. Whitelegg Machines Ltd – UK Fax : +44 1293 538910 Email : sales@whitelegg.com Website : www.whitelegg.com


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