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A cordial prepared from secret formuIaE by

the Benedictine monks at Fecamp, France.

It is supposed to contain cardamon seeds,

arnica flowers, angelica root, lemon peel,

thyme, nutmegs,cassia, hyssop, peppermint,

and cloves.


A class of cathartic and tonic liquors, com

pounded, usually, of herbs and wines or

brandy. The best known bitters are Angos

tura, containing bark from a tree grown in

South America; Calisaya, containing cin

chona, or quinine; Orange; Boonekamp;

Amer Picon (not short for "American," in

cidentally); Peychaud.


A liqueur prepared by the Carthusian monks

formerly at their monastery, La Grande

Chartreuse, in the French Alps at their new home in

Tarragona, Spain. The formula

for its preparation is said to be

known only by the Father Su

perior of the Order. Analysts

have surmised that Chartreuse

contains among its ingredients

balm leaves, orange peel, dried hyssop tops,

peppermint, wormwood, angelica seed, and

root, cinnamon, mace, cloves. Tonka beans.

Calamus aromaticus, and cardamon. In ad

dition, herbs peculiar to the region of the

Grande Chartreuse are said to be requisite.