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A liqueur of Russian and German origin

distilled from caraway seed.


A liquor distilled from the marasca cherry

...a cherry grown only on the coast of

Dalmatia. The oldest Maraschino distiller

in the world is the house of Drioli.


An absinthe-like cordial made from anise

seed. After Ojen, a town in Spain, near



A syrup made from sugar, orange flower,

water and almonds.

Parfait Amour

A highly romantic and efficacious liquor

which we should prefer not to discuss.(See

section Nautical Sports.)


A liquor made from white wine and aro

matic herbs. Two varieties are to be dis

tinguished: Italian, or sweet; and French,

sec. The word is derived from the German

Wermuth. meaning "wormwood."