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Speech Pathology 2030 - making futures happen



Speech Pathology 2030 – making futures happen

is a

landmark project commissioned, on behalf of the speech

pathology profession, by Speech Pathology Australia, the peak

professional body for speech pathologists in Australia.

This pioneering project engaged the profession, clients and

other professionals to:

• develop a vision for the future of speech pathology in


• identify the priorities, opportunities and challenges the

profession, clients and other professionals see as important;

• explore drivers of change likely to influence the profession,

directly and indirectly;

• reflect the importance of being alert and responsive to

emergent change; and

• outline a clear role for Speech Pathology Australia in leading

the profession into the future.

The unique method utilised for the project was shaped by the

principles of futures thinking, including:

• exploring a wide range of different


• embracing diverse


• encouraging and enabling


• recognising the importance of acting in the


, rather

than waiting for the future; and

• appreciating that the


matters and is the beginning

of change.

Each of the stages of the project built on the one before,

allowing the findings from every stage and the perspectives of

each contributor to be brought together to shape the vision for

the future presented in this document.

The engagement and enthusiasm of clients, our professional

colleagues and speech pathologists from across the country

was tremendous. Over 1000 speech pathologists (both SPA

members and non-members) contributed to one or more of the

project stages.