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Executive summary

Speech Pathology 2030 – making futures happen

is a landmark

project initiated by Speech Pathology Australia, on behalf of the

speech pathology profession, to develop a vision for the future

of speech pathology in Australia.

The purpose of speech pathology provided a solid and

resolute foundation for the

Speech Pathology 2030

project and

underpins the vision.

Our purpose, as we head towards 2030, does not alter. As

speech pathologists our work supports each and every person


• communicate effectively;

• eat and drink, balancing safety and enjoyment;

• connect and belong;

• exercise their right to self-determination;

• fulfil their day-to-day needs;

• participate in, and contribute to, their community;

• learn to their full potential; and

• expand and achieve their life choices.

We steadfastly maintain our commitment to achieving these

goals for everyone in our community now and into the future.

Hundreds of speech pathologists, clients, their families,

professional colleagues and other stakeholders contributed to

creating the

Speech Pathology 2030


The vision sets out ambitious new directions to make the most

of the opportunities and changes happening around us. It also

identifies where and how we can extend the best of today’s

leading edge work to benefit the whole community.

The vision is organised around eight core aspirations.

By 2030, speech pathologists and the speech pathology

profession aspire to the following:

1. Communication accessible communities:

We will

ensure through building communication accessibility that

everyone is treated with dignity and respect; communication

partners are skilled listeners and talkers (e.g. they provide extra

thinking and talking time, they know not to finish off someone’s

sentences, etc.) and other methods of communicating (e.g.

communication boards, speech-generating devices, switches

and eue-tracking devices etc.) will be understood, and if

required, their use supported.

Executive summary