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Speech Pathology 2030

- making futures happen


Speech Pathology 2030

) is a landmark project

commissioned by Speech Pathology Australia (SPA),

the peak professional body for speech pathologists in

Australia, on behalf of the speech pathology profession.

Between December 2015 and May 2016, the


Pathology 2030

project brought together over 1000

speech pathologists (both SPA members and non-

members), other professionals and a number of clients,

to create a shared vision for the future of speech

pathology in Australia.

This report,

Speech Pathology 2030


making futures


, is the culmination of the project.

The report:

• presents the Australian speech pathology

profession’s shared vision and aspirations for the

future of speech pathology in Australia;

• features comments made by clients which support

the shared vision and aspirations;

• showcases a few of the many individuals, services

and organisations that are leading the way to

the future for the speech pathology profession in


• highlights how the speech pathology profession

in Australia can prepare for the future by

understanding current drivers of change and

exploring opportunities and changes through the

use of scenarios; and

• provides a brief overview of the concomitant next



For the note of the reader: the vision, and aspirations,

presented in this report were created by the profession for the

profession and as such the “voice” used throughout the report

is a collective one (i.e. use of the pronouns





represent the whole profession). For example: As a profession,


aspire to create futures for speech pathologists, speech

pathology and all of the people


work alongside every day.

Before commending you to read

Speech Pathology 2030 –

making futures happen

, it is important to highlight the solid

and resolute foundation speech pathology is built upon; our


As speech pathologists our work supports each and every

person to:

• communicate effectively;

• eat and drink, balancing enjoyment and safety;

• connect and belong;

• exercise their right to self-determination;

• fulfil their day-to-day needs;

• participate in, and contribute to, their community;

• learn to their full potential; and

• expand and achieve their life choices.

Our purpose, as we head towards 2030, does not alter. We

steadfastly maintain our commitment to achieving these goals

for everyone in our community now and into the future.