Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne
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young miss her manners. It was best to conceal my true

nature from my prey.

Petri was talkative, which suited me fine. He mostly talked

about his travels. He enjoyed windsurfing and

snowboarding and his work appeared to be merely a means

to fund his hobbies. He lived in a small rental in Kallio and

owned only a bicycle. His whole salary went to traveling.

By the time I’d finished my second shot I was mulling over

whether Petri was attractive enough for me to take the risk

of exposure and sleep with him. Of course I couldn’t take

him to the place I shared in Käpylä, but what if I went

home with him? In the end I nixed the thought—not

because I was shy of one-night flings but because the

danger of being caught was just too great. My security

guard ID and driver’s license were both in my wallet, and I

for one would riffle through someone’s wallet if given the


The man, in contrast, was ridiculously trusting. When he

went to the men’s room he left his phone on the bar

counter. The bartender was occupied mixing cosmopolitans

for a trio of girls full of holiday cheer, so I took a quick peek

at the gizmo, a simple Oyster Nokia no longer even sold.

Not a single message. Just first names in the address book,