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into the shadows beside the escalator and watched him

come inside. He walked straight over to Merja’s counter

and took some tissue.

“Goodness, you’re wet,” Merja said. “Wait a minute, I’ll get

you a whole package.”

She turned and opened the case where jars were kept. The

package of tissue was bulging; it looked as if someone had

tried to stuff it with extra paper. Petri thanked her and

began to wipe off his hair.

“Don’t much want to be seen this way,” he said with a

grateful smile to Merja. Then he resumed his path toward

the watch department. I waited a short while before I

walked over to Merja.

“You’re cheating on me with that handsome youngster,” I

teased. Merja jumped but recovered quickly.

“Him?” she giggled as if delighted. “Don’t be silly. I’ve

known Petri since he was a little boy. He was one of my

daughter’s best friends.”


There was no time for an answer before I felt someone

tugging at my coat.