Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne
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on an extra brown ski hat over it, and donned sunglasses to

hide my face from the cameras when I punched in the

alarm code. I walked behind the Old Student House to

reach the elevator to the parking garage. It was always

possible that Petri was watching the security cameras.

A store detective and a junkie—was that the team of

thieves? Though a burglar alarm deactivator was not part of

a store cop’s regular equipment, it would have been easy

enough for Petri to obtain. Maybe he had also gotten his

colleagues to see Veli-Pekka Virtanen as harmless. Or had

the men perhaps figured that a junkie was too obvious a

suspect to fall under suspicion?

In the secret room I opened the employee directory Bruun

had given me. Petri’s full name was Petri Ilmari Aalto,

address Pengerkatu Street, as he had said. Military rank,

reserve second lieutenant; age, thirty-one. I googled Paula

Johanna Salo but didn’t find anything to help with the

gravestone woman. It would have been useful to have

access to the police database.

Fortunately, I had connections. Tommy H. and I had been

in the army together and in our spare time we had trained

together for the police academy entrance exams. Tommy H.

had been in love with me and imagined we’d build a career

together, but in the end I didn’t apply to the police

academy. They’d hardly have accepted a murderer’s

daughter. On our last long march, Tommy H. had sprained