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February 10, 2017

Morgan Hill City Council,

The City Council commissioned a Public Safety Master Plan (PSMP) to assess current service

levels and provide a foundation for future policy decisions to enhance the City’s Police and Fire

services. For many years, public safety has been the City Council’s highest priority and the

majority of the General Fund revenues are allocated to keeping our community safe. Recently,

the community affirmed the City Council’s public safety priority as part of the 2015 Community

Priorities survey.

For many years, Morgan Hill has enjoyed a solid reputation as a safe city – and still does so

today. This reputation is reinforced in our lower than average crime rate, strong feelings of

safety from our residents, low structural fire occurrence and property loss, and the ability to meet

the established Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response time goal of 8 minutes or less 95

percent of the time. Morgan Hill has 2,177 incidents of crime per 100,000 in population as

compared to a county average of cities under 100 sworn officers of 2,529. Our low crime rate is

due to several factors, the primary being the proactive nature of our team and an engaged

community that regularly provides information and leads on crimes in progress. An example of

our proactive nature is found when comparing the percentage of reports that end in an arrest. In

2015, the Morgan Hill Police Department (MHPD) set a record high at 51 percent where other

agencies averaged 35 percent.

The quality of our Police Department’s investigations also contributes to our success. The

District Attorney’s Office (DA) recently informed the City that during a six year period ending

in 2016, MHPD saw a nearly 5 percent decrease in the number of cases where criminal charges



filed by their office – from 14.9 percent to 10.1 percent. This is important as the

aforementioned 51 percent reflects the quality of the response and initial investigation leading to

an arrest and the latter speaks to the quality of the overall investigation and our credibility with

the DAs Office.

The Morgan Hill Fire Department (MHFD) portion of the study shows that there were 3,066

calls for service studied by CPSM for 2015. Of those calls, 3.5 percent were for confirmed fires

with reported damage (25 percent below the national average), while over 60 percent were for

EMS and/or rescue services. Total fire (inside and outside) response was 21.4 percent of total

incidents. Home fires remain the leading cause of death, injury and property loss in the US. The