Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll
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Then I know I’m alone, that Giacomino who shoots at

planes at night isn’t there, that Josipina isn’t there because

she said she was going to iron a few things at the

watchmaker’s. And I’m alone with my two nephews. And I

hear them say to me to come to their room and lie on the

bed. I go to their room and I lie on the bed and my

nephews lie next to me and they caress me. I know, they are

caressing me on my face and then they caress my arms and

then legs and I know my ears are ringing, that I’d like to say

something, that I’d like to tell them something and I’d like

to stand on tiptoe and sing and I’d like to hear Mama sing

with me, and I’d like to be with Ivan, who is somewhere far

away and going to school so that he can cure me, and I see

the field, I suddenly see it full of weeds, I see my two

nephews in the field, tramping it down and laughing and

saying that there will never be any more potatoes in the

field, that weeds will grow and that the field won’t be able

to breathe. And then I see rain falling on the field, on the

weeds and on the nephews, who are laughing and saying

that the weeds will grow even more because the sun will

come out after the rain and it’ll be warm and the weeds will

grow even more, the weeds on the field, and then I sing,

loud, loud . . .

Ciao, ciao, bambina! Un bacio ancor

e poi per sempre ti perderò …