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Then Mama says Srečko is here, too. I don’t know if it is

him, I don’t know if this is Srečko, my cousin, like Mama

says, because his mama was Lucija, the sister of Franc, who

is my



In the evening, as we are standing by the window before it

is night, Mama says that she hasn’t seen him for a long

time, Srečko, only Karlo sometimes meets up with him and

then comes home drunk, Mama says. She’s looking at the

field, at the cherry tree and she says: He must have aged,

Srečko …

Mama says that when a person gets old like she has, they

soon go to heaven.

I hope he doesn’t get lost, says Mama then and puts me to


Now Srečko is in the kitchen. Mama steps closer to him. I

see her. She goes to him, puts her arms around him and

then strokes his thin hair. He smiles. I see he has very few



, our Australian’s coming, he says, nodding.

Mama smiles. I see she’s happy. When Mama is happy, I’m

not scared. Everyone is happy because Albert is coming,