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Strengthen and consider funding opportunities for the de-

velopment of a full-fledged Law Enforcement Assistance to

Forests (LEAF) programme under INTERPOL and UNEP

in close collaboration with all ICCWC partners, REDD+,

FLEGT and other relevant programmes and agencies. The

objective of the programme is undertaking coordinated in-

ternational and improved national law enforcement and in-

vestigative efforts to reduce illegal logging, the international

trade in illegally felled timber and forest-related corruption

including tax fraud and laundering.

Increase national investigative and operational national

capacities through an INTERPOL based training scheme

to strengthen and build national task forces on combating

illegal logging and laundering. This includes strengthen-

ing national law enforcement agency cooperation and co-

ordination through supporting the formation of national

taskforces to ensure enforcement of laws and regulations

related to forests.

Centralize nationally the issuing of permits for land clearance

whether for logging, plantations or ranching and permits for

road transport of timber with strong anti-counterfeit measures.

Develop an INTERPOL classification system of geographic

regions within countries according to the suspected degree





of illegality in collaboration with National Central Bureaus

(NCBs) and other relevant stakeholders. This includes de-

fining upper limits of volumes of logs to be transported,

restricting transport funnels of all timber from such il-

legal logging regions and monitoring forest change on a

regional basis.

Encourage national tax fraud investigations with a partic-

ular focus on plantations and mills laundering, under- or

over-reporting of volumes and over- or under-invoicing, tax

fraud and mis-use of government subsidies.

Reduce investment attractiveness in forests enterprises ac-

tive in regions identified as areas of illegal logging by im-

plementing an international INTERPOL-based rating sys-

tem of companies extracting, operating in or buying from

regions with a high degree of illegal activity. This includes

investigating possible complicity of investors in funding il-

legal activities related to logging, transporting, laundering

or purchasing illegally logged timber.

Strengthen the resources available to ICCWC to have a

dedicated role, unit(s) and responsibility at global and re-

gional levels, as appropriate, specifically tasked to combat

illegal logging and international trade in illegally logged or

procured timber and wood products.