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CBA Hosts Lawyers Call to Action Summit

By Sally Daly

CBA Public Affairs Director


he CBA tackled some new ground

in the fight against violence in

Chicago neighborhoods, hosting

a unique event designed to bring sorely

needed legal services to help citizens in

communities experiencing heightened

crime and poverty.

More than 25 community and legal

aid organizations across Chicago were

represented at the first ever “Lawyers Call

to Action” summit hosted at the CBA on

November 3. The event was designed to

give lawyers an opportunity to meet leaders

from community organizations and to vol-

unteer to provide legal assistance to those

agencies and the citizens that they serve.

Enthusiasm ran high as lawyers circu-

lated the room and spoke with dozens of

representatives from community organiza-

tions for more than two hours to network

and share contact information.

“This was a win-win opportunity for us

because we were able to speak directly with

attorneys to explain the legal services that we

need to help the citizens of Little Village,”

said August Sallas, President of the Little

Village Community Council who attended

with two other members of his organization.

Lawyers who attended the Call to Action event worked the room to meet with representatives from

community service organizations to discuss their specific needs for legal services.

“We are very excited about the connections

that we were able to make here today.”

The Call to Action event was the culmi-

nation of ongoing efforts by the CBA to

address community violence, including a

summit last May that brought together city

leaders from the legal, law enforcement,

criminal justice, religious, education, and

health care communities.

Since that time, the CBA has continued

to move the initiative forward, meeting

with individual community service agen-

cies to identify the legal needs of their cli-

ents and residents in areas of legal practice

such as housing issues, wills and trusts,

state licensing, foreclosure, child support,

parental rights and expungement.

Laying the Groundwork

“Chicago neighborhoods continue to

suffer from an epidemic of violence that is

destroying families,” said CBA President

Judge Thomas Mulroy. “Our goal was to

help lay the groundwork for lawyers to

channel their skills directly into commu-

nities to help provide legal assistance for

citizens who need it most.”

The Call to Action event began with

a 1 hour MCLE program on pro bono

engagement that explored how lawyers can

make a positive impact in communities,

particularly those that experience height-

ened crime and violence due to a lack of

adequate infrastructure and resources.

The community agency representatives

made a short presentation to the attorneys

about the specific legal needs that they were

seeking for their respective organizations.

The lawyers were then able to speak

with representatives from the individual

community agencies to discuss their spe-

cific legal needs and share their contact

information for future services.


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