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The Chicago Bar Association’s lawyer-to-

lawyer mentoring program is sponsored

in partnership with the Illinois Supreme

Court Commission on Professionalism.

Experienced attorneys (six or more years)

will be matched with newly licensed

attorneys for a year-long mentoring

program. Participating mentors and

mentees will receive six hours of Illinois

professional responsibility MCLE credit

upon program completion. Attendance

at the orientation session and eight sub-

sequent in-personmeetings between the

mentoring pair is required to complete

the program and receive MCLE credit.

This lawyer mentoring program creates

opportunities for experienced lawyers

to guide new lawyers in developing the

practical skills and judgment topractice in

a highly competent manner and to instill

the ethical and professional values that

characterize excellent lawyers. Registra-

tion for the lawyer-to-lawyer mentoring

program opens in November of each

calendar year. A mandatory orientation

for mentors and mentees takes place at

the CBA in January of each calendar year.

Alliance for Women’s Mentoring


The Chicago Bar Association Alli-

ance for Women’s Mentoring Circles are

designed to benefit women of all ages

and in all stages of professional develop-

ment because junior members learn from

those with more experience, and mid-

level and senior attorneys gain an invalu-

able opportunity to hone management

skills, build relationships and develop

referral networks. Under the traditional

rubric of mentoring, experienced practi-

tioners give and junior apprentices take.

But in the AFW’s Circles, each member is

both amentee and amentor. Each circle is

made up of 6 to 8 practitioners of varying

levels of experience, and from different

practice areas. The circles allow women

to discuss many of the same issues at the

heart of the AFW’s mission: professional

development, networking, and work-life

balance. The circles offer a smaller, private

forum, which allows each group to tailor

solutions and strategies for their mem-

bers. Circle discussions might touch on,

for example, the balancing act of a new

mother, the decision to change practice

areas or a firm’s promotional practices.

They meet at least four times a year but

some meet as often as once a month. If

you are interested in becoming amember

of a Mentoring Circle, you should be

aware of the time commitment. We ask

that you only sign up if you are willing to

commit to attending regularly, and stay-

ing in touch with your circle. The benefits

of the circles can only be achieved if each

member of a circle is dedicated tomaking

it a success.

For more information on any of the

above, visit

ing, or call 312/554-2052.




is your

local spot

for MCLE

Register for a Seminar Today


Free Membership and Free

CLE for New Admittees


n November 9, approxi-

mately 1,300 new attorneys

were admitted to practice

law in the State of Illinois. CBA

representatives were on hand to

congratulate and welcome the new

admittees who took their oath in the

First District.

To help introduce the newadmitt-

tees to the legal profession, the CBA

offers an eighteen month com-

plimentary membership which

includes the 6 hour Basic Skills

Course and the additional 9 hours

of MCLE credit required within their

first year. Additional benefits include

participation in free noon hour prac-

tice area committee meetings and

webcasts, new one on one career

counseling resources, networking

events, legal publications, leader-

ship and pro bono opportunities to

enhance resumes and much more.

If you know a new lawyer who has

not yet activated his or her com-

plimentary membership, please

encourage them to do so by calling

the CBA’s Membership Department

at 312/554-2133.

To each of the new lawyers, the

CBA sends its heartiest congratula-

tions and best wishes for a successful

career in the law.

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he Chicago Bar Association has

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