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Among the 50Year Members that celebrated on October 27 were (front row, left to right):Wayne B. Giampietro, Donald G. Mulack, Thomas R. Challos

Jr, Sidney Ezra, Col. Bartlett J Carroll Jr., Arthur L. Berman, CBA President JudgeThomas R. Mulroy, Sherwin H. Leff, Lawrence S. Goodman, andWarren

W. Mark. (Middle row, left to right): RalphMuentzer, SheldonM. Sorosky, JudgeMichael P.Toomin, Sheldon Reitman, Alan J. Gertenrich, JudgeMichael

C. Zissman, Sylvia O. Decker, Judy Davis Thornber, James R. Pasquinelli, Thaddeus J. Gruchot, Thomas P. Durkin, Marvin Brustin, and Thomas J. Burke

Jr. (Back row, left to right): Medard M. Narko, Michael R. Kuzel, William J. Holloway, JudgeWallace B. Dunn, Daniel B. Hales, Joseph L. Rand, John D.

Purdy Jr, Patrick J. Agnew, Julius J. Zschau, EdwardW. Bergmann, Jean Grommes Feehan, Errol Zavett, and Thomas C. Shields. Photo by Bill Richert.

CBA Celebrates 50 Year Members

By Daniel A. Cotter

CBA Record Editorial Board


n 1967 (I turned one in October that

year), the President of the United

States was Lyndon B. Johnson, his

Vice President was Hubert Humphrey,

and the United States population was just

under 200 million but would cross that

threshold early in 1968. The average cost

of a new home was $26,400, a gallon of

gas cost $.33, and a dozen eggs cost less

than $.60. That same year, 96 men and 3

women joined The Chicago Bar Associa-

tion and renewed their memberships over

the next fifty years. The CBA recently held

a luncheon to honor the 50-year milestone

of this amazing class.

After welcoming comments from CBA

President JudgeThomas Mulroy and a pre-

view of the 2017 Bar Show by several cast

members, who sang the show favorites “I

Remember It Well” and “The Junior Part-

ner,” attendees heard fromArthur Berman,

a member of the class. Berman reminisced

about his career and the way the practice

has changed in the last fifty years.

The 2017 50


anniversary class includes

many of the leaders of our legal community

over the last half century. Some other notables

besides the three keynote speakers are:

• Col. Bartlett J. Carroll Jr.–Served in

U.S. Army for 30 years, and 14 yeas

as a guardian ad litem in the Public

Defender Office.

• Judge Wallace B. Dunn–Served 26.5

years as an Associate Judge of the 19


Judicial Circuit, Lake County.

• Judge Thomas P. Durkin–Served for 22

years as a Judge in the Circuit Court.

• Wayne B. Giampietro–successfully

argued in the supreme court,

Gertz v.

Robert Welch, Inc.

• Judge Michael P. Toomin–Served as a

judge since 1980; currently Presiding

Judge of the Juvenile Justice Division.

Helped form the CBA's Juvenile Men-

toring Program.

President Mulroy closed the day by

toasting the members of the Class of 1967,

noting that the profession has changed in

many ways, with less camaraderie and less

of a profession, but that members such as

this group continue to make bar member-

ship and The CBA in particular a thriving

organization. The Chicago Bar Association

congratulates this latest 50-year anniversary

class on reaching this amazing milestone

and pays honor to their contributions to

the law and their personal achievements

over the last five decades. Members of the

CBA such as those in this class have made

the Chicago legal community one of the

strongest in the nation, and we thank them

for setting a fine example of what belonging

to The CBA and contributing to the legal

community mean.