Rhubarb Issue 2

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Issue 2: April 2012 I t was with mounting interest that the St Edward’s community watched the episodes of the 2011 Apprentice unravel. Word quickly spread that one of the contestants was a recent OSE, and com- ments of “Which one was he? Was he the tall, thin, slightly geeky one?” could be heard around the School each Friday morning. It was clear from the first few moments that Tom Pellereau (C, 1992–1997) was a thoroughly nice chap but it took a fewweeks to establish that he was also a serious contender. Those of us who remembered Tom were not surprised; while at school here he showed a steely, determined nature under an outwardly polite, gentle exterior. As the numbers fell to five he was lucky perhaps to be teamed up with the favourite, Helen, and they proved a great team. Despite Tom’s lack of historical detail, they thrashed their three opponents and set themselves up as the two clear favourites. Tom won the day largely, I think, because he had already developed an idea and brought it to market. Also, Lord Sugar recognized his talents in getting his ideas noticed. All of us here at Teddies congratulate him on his win. We have been watching with interest to see howhis venturewith Lord Sugar develops

and wish him success with The Stylfile Collection 2012, launched on 15th March. Charlie Baggs

“St Edward’s is a great school; I learnt a huge amount and developed immensely duringmy five years.” Tom Pellereau


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