Med Sled Instruction Sheets


Directions and Assembly of Med Sled ® Instant Flotation System

1. Unroll your MS36 VLR sled and fasten one of the top cross straps pulling up the side of the sled so the “perimeter tether” is easily accessible.

2. Attach the inflatable float logs to the sides of the Med Sled ® by passing the female parts of each buckle under the perimeter tether, starting at the head area, and attaching to the male part of the buckle and tightening as needed. The floats are universal and can be placed on either side. 3. Pass the two upper cross straps through the webbing loops at the ends of the chest pad and fasten them to the buckles on the opposite side. All cross straps should be fastened loosely enough to allow the Med Sled ® to have a slight curl to it. 4. The Med Sled ® is now pre-rigged for instant deployment. To store the pre-rigged Med Sled ® Instant Flotation System, loosen all cross straps so the Med Sled ® will lay flat. Roll it up from the foot end to about a 9 inch diameter. Do not to allow the deflated floats to extend out over the edge of the Med Sled ® . Failure to prevent this can result in damaged float logs. Secure with the Velcro cinch strap.

5. Place the prepared system in the MSVLR backpack and close the zipper.

How to Deploy the MS36VLR”Pre-Rigged’ Instant Flotation System

1. Open the zipper on the VLR backpack all the way.

2. Hold the Foot end of the Med Sled ® and unroll it to its full length.

3. Tighten the bottom (foot end) Foot Loop Strap until the sides are vertical and the second strap to about 4 inches.

4. Pull the top two cross straps about half way, so that the sides are vertical.

5. Inflate both float logs by pulling the detonator tab on each float.

6. Inflate the chest pad orally. One to two breaths will be enough.

7. The Med Sled ® is now ready for a water rescue. Follow the Med Sled ® Instant Flotation System Instructions in performing a water rescue.

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