Cisco WebEx Training QRG - Coordinator

2. Click Edit Options .

4. Click Select Contact to select attendees from your Personal Contact , Global Address Book , or My Groups lists.

3. Select one or more Training session options . a. Chat – Chat options appear on Participants panel. b. File Transfer – Presenter can transfer files to attendees. c. Video – Video is available during the session. d. Enable High Quality Video – Enable video up to 360p. e. Enable high-definition video. f. View video thumbnails. 4. Select one or more Attendee Privileges . a. Recording – Attendees can record the session. b. Send Video – Send video during a training session. c. Number of Attendees – Attendees can view the number of attendees in the session. d. Attendee List – View a list of all attendees. e. Save – Save any shared documents. f. Print – Print any shared document. g. Annotate – Annotate any shared document or presentation. h. Thumbnails – Attendee can display thumbnails. i. Next or previous page – Go to the next page or the previous page. 5. Click Save . 6. In the Destination address (URL) after session field, type a web site address to display after the session is finished. (Optional) 7. Click Customize greeting message when attendee joins to create a custom message that appears when an attendee joins a session.

5. From the Select Contacts screen after adding all the attendees, click Add Attendees . 6. From the Invite Attendees screen, click OK . 7. In the Security section, do the following: a. Click the checkbox beside Exclude password from emails sent to attendees to not include the session password in the invitation email. b. Click the checkbox beside Attendees must have an account on this service to attend session to require people to set up an account. Presenter In the Presenters section, do the following: 1. Below the Invited presenters field, click Invite Presenters. 2. From the Invite Presenter s screen, add presenter information in the screen or click Select Contact to add a presenter from an address book. Session Options The Session Options section displays the options available during the training session. Do the following to select options. 1. In the Available Features field, review the active options.


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