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Emmedi presents new compact design

AFTER a four-year absence Emmedi

again joined the Tube exhibition

in Germany this year. It was an

opportunity for the group to present a

number of companies and products that

reach beyond the world of induction

equipment: heat treatment applications,

end-finishing and threading equipment,

and customised units for tube and pipe

bending and processing.

Thanks to support from the corporate

Park Ohio Holdings the group’s aim is to

become a universal resource to the tube

and pipe industry. The stand at the Tube

show gathered a combination of brands

and products on a single showcase:

AjaxTocco Magnethermic, Ajax Ceco,

Pillar, PMC-Colinet, Pines, SAET and


For the first time after the acquisition in

late 2014, the Emmedi presence at the

Tube show in Düsseldorf was a crucial

stage to testify the group commitment in

supporting the brand to regain trust and

market share. Emmedi representatives

had the opportunity to meet business

partners and customers, current and

prospective, and to consolidate its

reputation as a high quality player in the

manufacturing of induction systems.

Throughout the years Emmedi

has always cared about customers’

production needs and suggestions,

thus designing tailor-made solutions

and products. The main innovation

presented at the Tube show was a

renewed design of the solid state welding

cabinet, which has been conceived to

meet market requirements in terms of

flexibility, reduced floor space and easy


Keeping the state-of-the-art MOSFET-

based solution to allow for efficient

frequency increasing up to 450kHz,

development has been performed to

increase the power delivered by each

basic module. In this way, a welding

head downsize has been made possible,

achieving an overall volume reduction

of around 40 per cent compared to the

previous generation.

To better cover market requirements,

a power range extension up to 1MW is

also possible. Maintenance has also

been improved, becoming even easier

than before. The replacement of doors

with fast-removing panels allows quick

dismounting and easy accessibility, and

helps reduce space during maintenance

operations. In addition, the cabinet,

distinguished by a metallic frame with

rounded and aerodynamic profiles, has

been designed to allow electrical and

hydraulic inlet and outlet in different

positions (as standard), thus easily

adapting to different workshop layouts

and obtaining the maximum flexibility in

the installation.

Along with providing continuous

design improvement and innovation

Emmedi customers benefit from the

resources of a global corporation,

granting worldwide assistance through

its network of experienced service

teams. The launch coincides with the

celebrations for SAET of 50 years and

Ajax Tocco of 100 years of excellence in

the industry.


– Italy



HSS blades

Friction circular saw blades

Knives for guillottine cut-off

Tools for slitting lines

Impeder cores

Fiberglass tubes

Complete impeders

Copper inductors

Hard metal inserts

Carbide base plates

Tool holders

Cutting rings

Rolls for tubes

Capacitors for H.F. welders

Tube’s cleaners



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Fax: ++39 0421 272337

Via Umbria, 15

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